The Official Member Positions Of New K-Pop Group X1, Revealed

Find out who will take the main vocal, main rapper, main dancer positions and more

By Pakkee Tan 22 Jul, 2019 5:53 AMTags

It's been a few days since the nail-biting finale of popular reality TV show Produce X 101, and we've already seen the formation of a new K-pop group that is set to burst onto the scene.

The newly formed X1 consists of members Kim Yo-hanKim Woo-seokHan Seung-wooSong Hyeong-jun, Cho Seung-younSon Dong-pyoLee Han-gyulNam Do-hyunCha Jun-hoKang Min-hee, and Lee Eun-sang, who each have displayed their prowess in singing, dancing, choreography and and more throughout the course of the show.

But every group has their key positions and despite pretty much being all rounders, members are assigned the ones that they excel in — X1 is no different.

From main vocal to main dancer, find out the official positions of the 11 new members of K-pop's newest star, X1!

Kim Yo-han

Position: Center, subvocal

Han Seung-woo

Position: Main vocal

Nam Do-hyun

Position: Main Rapper

Cho Seung-youn

Position: Lead vocal, lead rapper

Lee Han-gyul

Position: Main dancer, subvocal

Song Hyeong-jun

Position: Lead vocal, sub-rapper

Son Dong-pyo

Position: Lead dancer, subvocal

Kim Woo-seok

Position: Lead vocal

Kang Min-hee

Position: Lead vocal

Lee Eun-sang

Position: Subvocal

Cha Jun-ho

Position: Subvocal

X1 will make their debut on 27 August with a showcase and concert at the the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.