Meet X1: The 11 Winners of Produce X 101 Make Their Debut

They will be making their official debut as a group next month

By E! Asia Staff 22 Jul, 2019 2:49 AMTags

After three months of intense competition, the curtains have finally come down on Produce X 101, the fourth and latest season of Mnet's wildly popular survival reality TV franchise. Over the course of its four-hour long live broadcast, fans and viewers alike caught up with all the shenanigans that happened in the days leading up to grand finale.

In-between rehearsal footage and heartfelt interviews, the remaining Produce X 101 contestants also paid tribute to host Lee Dong-wook, as well as the team of dance trainers and vocal coaches who've watched them grow since filming first began.

Also on the agenda was the unveiling of the group's official name, which was revealed by Lee to be X1. As per tradition from previous seasons, the group's name plays on the number 1 and links back to the program's name (see: I.O.I, Wanna One, IZ*One). Promotions have barely even begun for X1, but already their official Instagram account boasts more than 375,000 followers already — an early indicator of the group's burgeoning popularity.

Of course, the most nerve-wrecking moments of the night came when it was time for Lee to announce X1's line-up, which was determined through the combination of online voting and live text votes. There were surprises and upsets galore—for example, Starship Entertainment's Kang Min-hee pulled off an impressive last-minute feat to land a coveted spot in X1, while frontrunners such as Jellyfish's Kim Min-gyu and TOP Media's Lee Jin-hyuk saw their chances of debuting in the group disappear before their very eyes.

Swing Entertainment, who will manage the group, announced that X1 is set to make their official debut next month. "It is confirmed that X1 will hold their debut show-con on 27 August at the Gocheok Sky Dome," a representative said.

Without further ado, here's introducing Produce X 101's final 11 contestants and the members of X1!

1. Kim Yo-han (OUI Entertainment)

Total votes: 1,334,011

As the centre of X1, we're guessing this Taekwondo enthusiast-turned-idol will be making bank with plenty of endorsement deals.

2. Kim Woo-seok (TOP Media)

Total votes: 1,304,033

It was a bittersweet moment for Kim, who secured one of the top spots but had to witness label mate Lee Jin-hyuk's failure to make the cut.

3. Han Seung-woo (Plan A Entertainment)

Total votes: 1,079,200

Congratulations are in order for Han, who has proven himself to be a solid all-rounder over the course of the competition.

4. Song Hyeong-jun (Starship Entertainment)

Total votes: 1,049,222

Fans will no doubt be looking forward to witnessing this pretty boy's growth as a performer over the next five years—the stipulated duration of X1's contract.

5. Cho Seung-youn (Yuehwa Entertainment)

Total votes: 929,311

22-year-old Cho has proven that nothing is impossible—he started off in the competition at the 67th spot and worked his way up to the front of the pack.

6. Son Dong-pyo (DSP Media)

Total votes: 824,389

Son fell in rankings for the past few weeks, but made a comeback at the most pivotal moment.

7. Lee Han-gyul (MBK Entertainment)

Total votes: 794,441

Lee surprised everyone with his seventh placing—even dance trainer Choi Young-joon was seen leaping from his seat to celebrate Lee's inclusion in X1's line-up.

8. Nam Do-hyun (MBK Entertainment)

Total votes: 764,433

A spot in X1 seemed guaranteed for 15-year-old Nam, who consistently ranked high throughout the competition.

9. Cha Jun-ho (Woollim Entertainment)

Total votes: 756,939

One of the popular trainees who was mostly placed outside the Top 10 during the key challenges, Cha managed one last dash to the finish line and ended up ninth.

10. Kang Min-hee (Starship Entertainment)

Total votes: 749,444

Kang edged out many favourites with his surprise ranking.

11. Lee Eun-sang (Brand New Music)

Total votes: 3,164,535

Lee is the "X" member of the group whose final round of votes did not qualify him to be in the Top 10 but earned a spot nonetheless because his accumulated votes over the course of the competition beat out the remaining contestants.