K-Pop Star ONE Leaves YG Entertainment

The actor-singer reveals his decision to leave YG Entertainment

By Kimberly Ong 18 Jul, 2019 7:38 AMTags
Jung Jae-WonHan Myung-Gu / Contributor

ONE (Jung Jae-Won) has announced his departure from YG Entertainment to pursue his own one-man agency. 

"After tvN drama Her Private Life finished, I parted ways with YG Entertainment," the 25-year-old singer-actor announced in an interview held with Ilgan Sports ahead of the premiere of his upcoming movie Goodbye Summer yesterday.

Under his agency, ONE  is working on a new album as an independent artist. "Right now, I plan on focusing on music. I can't provide a definite answer on when it will be released. I am working on it as much as possible, and my goal is to release it this year."

He also explained his initial decision for joining YG entertainment: "I wanted to focus on my music. I thought I could share my music with more people as making music alone at home is difficult [to release]." 

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ONE debuted in 2015 as a member of the former hip-hop duo 1Punch with Kim Samuel under D-Business Entertainment. He moved to YG Entertainment the following year and produced his first and only album as a solo artist, "One Day" in 2017, and has since focused on his acting career, appearing in several Korean TV dramas.

The upcoming film "Goodbye Summer," which also stars Kim Bo-ra, is set to premiere on July 25.