Korean Girl Group Oh My Girl Shares Their Most Unforgettable Moments

The K-pop girl group has overcome adversity to take the stage by storm

By Pakkee Tan 17 Jul, 2019 8:42 AMTags
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Since making their debut in 2015, Oh My Girl has gone from strength to strength in their career, culminating in this year's album release. The Fifth Season marks the K-pop girl group's first-ever Korean comeback and features members Hyojung, Mimi, YooA, Seunghee, Jiho, Binnie and ArinJinE having left their group in 2017 because of health reasons. 

Sitting down at HallyuPopFest 2019 to talk to the girl group, it is apparent that the group has only grown from their adversities.

Speaking of their new album, leader and main vocalist Hyojung said, "This is our first full album since our debut four years ago. What is so different about this album is that we have many additional song concepts that we haven't tried before. There is a wide variety of songs in this album."

The 10-song album launched in April 2019 and marked their stage comeback on M Countdown, where it was well-received by the public. Their title track "The Fifth Season (SSFWL)" even won accolades from some of South Korea's most prominent music shows, including The Show and Show Champion.

Girl Group To Look Out For: Oh My Girl

It was definitely one experience that shone the brightest for the girl group.

"It was [really] an unforgettable experience during our first win," Hyojung said with a laugh. "And also during our first concert. It was way beyond our expectations and we received so much love. We want to make more unforgettable moments with our Miracles."

Alvin Ho

But the girls still don't think that they have changed much since their debut, but would want to work to become better as a group.

When talking about the changes since their debut, YooA said, "Since we first debuted, which hasn't been that long, in terms of vocals, dance and showmanship amongst others, we are working towards being better and more refined as a group. So we are working hard to do that."

As for what's next for the K-pop girl group, the girls are open to collaborations with Korean and American artists to showcase a different side of their music to fans.

"Given the chance I would pick our senior, Zion.T, to collaborate with," said Jiho. "I think it would show another side of us that has not been seen. So I look forward to that."

"For me, out of all the pop stars, if we really get the chance to collaborate with Bruno Mars, it would be such an unforgettable experience, I would just faint!" Seunghee added with a laugh.

Watch the full interview above.