Jung Joon-Young Detained And Indicted For Distribution Of Illicit Videos

He is the first celebrity in the celebrity hidden cam sex scandal to receive an indictment

By E! Asia Staff 17 Jul, 2019 9:09 AMTags
Jung Joon-YoungJUNG YEON-JE/AFP/Getty Images

On 16 July, 30-year-old South Korean singer, Jung Joon-young had his first official court trial charges of aggravated rape and the Seoul Central District Court had decided that he will be placed under arrest. Jung is the only celebrity so far in the celebrity hidden cam sex scandal who has been indicted and detained until a court ruling is made. Jung's indictment is for the violation of Special Act on Punishment of Sexual Crimes, specifically distributing 11 illicit videos across 14 separate occasions. 

There were multiple defendants in this court trial, namely; Jung Joon-young, former FT Island member Choi Jung-hoon, former Burning Sun employee Mr Kim, Mr Heo and Mr Kwon. These men were all active participants in Jung's infamous Kakao Talk group chat, where these illicit videos were being distributed among them. Although Jung has admitted guilty to the initial charges of filming and distributing illicit footage, the singer pleaded not guilty to the second charge of aggravated rape. 

According to local new outlet Sports Chosun, Jung's lawyer made the following statement, "We admit to the charges related to illegal filming. However, he has not perpetrated quasi-rape or planned to do so with the other defendants. The sexual activity that took place was consensual, and the victim was neither unconscious nor unable to resist. The Kakao Talk conversation is not valid evidence as it was obtained illegally."

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Choi maintained that there was no sexual intercourse that occurred in the first place between him and the victim. He denied the aggravated rape charges, saying,"I apologise for raising a scandal. However, I did not forcefully rape or have inappropriate sexual activity with [the victim]. [I] also never planned [anything of the sort]."

Choi's lawyer made the following statement,"Regarding the charges against Choi Jong-hoon as an individual, he did meet the victim in the veranda, but he did not forcefully hug or kiss her.

As for the charges on the group, the defendants did not plot anything together, and the victim was not in a state of being unable to resist. Based on [Choi Jong-hoon's] memory, there was no sexual intercourse. There is a slight difference from Jung Joon-young's testimony. Even if there was sexual activity, it did not happen while the victim was unable to resist."

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No conclusive decision was made by the end of the trial and a second trial has been scheduled for all parties on 19 August.

The second trial will involve the victims who will be presenting their testimonies to the court. 

The story is still developing.