5 Reasons Why You Should Be Playing BTS World

Meet BTS personally in not one, but two universes

By Charmaine Tan 17 Jul, 2019 2:58 AMTags
BTS, BTS WorldCourtesy of Netmarble

It's been about two weeks since the release of the BTS World mobile game, but for fans who have been waiting for the game drop since early 2018, it probably still feels like only yesterday that they were able to have an actual (virtual) one-on-one chat with BTS (even if it was completely scripted).

In this fictional pocket universe, ARMYs become managers of the septet from their pre-debut days in 2012, and are tasked to groom them into the well-loved, force-to-be-reckoned-with BTS of today. Directly inspired by BTS's successful career, the story-based interactive game brings players on what is pretty much a reenactment of BTS's actual trainee to idol journey, only this time the element of fiction comes into play when players are able to take small detours by choosing how their individual relationships with the members are built.

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How that is possible, is through the smart input of a phone function that provides simulated social feeds and chats with the members, collectible BTS playing cards that are used in mini challenges to move the player forward in the storyline, and even a parallel, non-BTS universe that allows players to help members pursue alternate career pathways.

While these are all simulated, the choices and stories crafted are all still very much a product of the members' well-known quirks, personalities and words, their say a crucial element in the way the game experience was designed and the reason why playing the game as a fan comes with a series of satisfying "I knew this" moments.

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Especially for fans who have been there since the beginning, it will be like a walk in a park with all the familiar sights and sounds coming together again, only presented in a much more holistic manner. For newer fans, the game lets them catch up on what that they might have missed out on prior to becoming an ARMY, assuming they haven't already combed through the band's treasure chest of a Youtube channel.

But either way, the game excels in pioneering yet another great way BTS and ARMY can strengthen the near invincible bond they admirably have. So regardless if you are an OG ARMY or a newbie who just wants to get to know the boys a bit better without going through the conventional "Youtube video whirlpool", here are the top five reasons why you should download BTS World to play right now.

1. New High-Definition Pictures

If you thought that the members' Twitter account and their stunning album digitals aren't enough, this game is filled with never before seen HD visuals of the members wearing old getups and uniforms that you can download in full definition as you level up! Think Jungkook in a taekwondo suit, RM dressed in suave suits and J-hope in a lab coat with pets — you've only got to play it to see it!

2. Acting Skills

Acting has been the only area BTS hasn't exactly delved into (apart from their occasionally comedy skits) until now. With each new chapter in the various storylines, fans are privy to some immersive, emotional acting that can either leave you in a fit of giggles or warm your heart with the slightest gesture or smile. Even the mini transitions involving the members, the supporting characters and the players are almost like them acting the characters out. Most of Jungkook's stunts were done by the man himself, but most impressive is Jin's interpretation of a secret hotelier that is being punished by his father to play nanny to a child — some stellar performance right there!

3. Never Bored

Like its namesake, BTS World offers a whole lot more than just the main storyline and the seven individual ones. Players are able to send the members to complete self-improvement tasks like composing workshops and dance practices to improve the overall group score, all of which will supplement the journeying through each episode and chapter of the storyline. Collecting more variations of the playing cards also unlock new interaction or mini chat-plots that get the player to interact with the members with the social media function. You will never need to sit still — there is always something for you to do while playing the game.

4. Understand The Members Better

For ARMY, going through the simulated chats will feel surreal, even if there is only a choice of response and not one that you can make up on your own. Every bit of the story, from the way the different members have different types of stats and strengths, is really based on how the members are in real life, so it is really satisfying and impressive to see how much was put into making this game an authentic and fun extension of the way BTS can interact with fans, without BTS being constantly on the rhythm to give back. So for those who are new, just know that each word, the phrasing and the way members comment on the social media posts, are true to how they are in real life!

5. Good Soundtrack

BTS released a total of four songs with the game, all of which are part of an official soundtrack that they made just for BTS World. "Heartbeat", "Dream Glow", "A Brand New Day" and "All Night" feature artists such as Zara Larsson, Charli XCX and Juice WRLD, and are in themselves great tracks that show a new versatility in the type of tunes the group is putting out there. So if there's one way to show your appreciation for their hard work, it is to give the game a go! The tracks along are nice to hum to, too.