K-Pop Boy Band N.Flying Is Flying High With Their Latest Achievements

The Korean pop stars talk about their favourite covers, composing their own music and future plans

By Pakkee Tan 16 Jul, 2019 6:30 AMTags
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Korean rap rock band N.Flying may have been in the scene since 2013, but their work is still as fly (pun intended) as ever.

Visiting Singapore earlier this year for HallyuPopFest, the four-member band were riding high from their first music show win in March with "Rooftop", the band's chart-topping song.

Speaking about their win, leader Seung-hyub was grateful for all the support fans showed for the song.

"It is the first time we were promoting a self-written song. Because we won first place with a self-penned song, we are very grateful, and it was a moment of great honour for us," he told E! Asia. "[We] will continue to create great performances. So please continue to look out for us and support us."

But things weren't always so rosy for the Korean band. Just last December, the formerly five-member group was rebranded with just four members — Lee Seung-hyub, Cha Hun, Kim Jae-hyun and Yoo Hwe-seung — after multiple allegations against their former bassist Kwon Kwang-jin were brought to light.

The experience has only solidified the remaining members' drive and they quickly went on to release their single "Rooftop" in January, which quickly gained popularity.

Explaining their creative process in creating their music, Seung-hyub said, "I come up with the main skeleton of the track. From there, the members will add their instrumentation. It contains a lot of the different types of music that we have attempted. If you listen to our album, you will realise that there are no similarities between all of the songs. This is because our band is constantly trying out new things and thinking of ways to challenge ourselves. We write many different songs in order to show everyone the many different sides of our band."

Alvin Ho

As for their favourite piece of work so far? It will come as a surprise for their fans.

"Animation medley!" drummer Jae-hyun exclaimed excitedly. "All of us really like animation. While performing the song, we are all visualising the animation. And then we get all pumped up."

"I really liked "Bohemian Rhapsody" — the Queen medley that we did," Seung-hyub suggested. "During our "Bohemian Rhapsody" medley, Hun has a guitar solo. It is really cool. Every time Hun's part came up during rehearsals for the performance, I would get goosebumps. It is a good medley like that. I like that part the best."

Looking to the future, the band said that they want to travel the world and perform live to connect with their fans from all over the world. And yet, at the end of the day, the N.Flying crew remains as charmingly humble as ever.

"[We want] to stick to what we've been doing all along, rather than focus only on results; to focus on the process, work hard; to be a band which lives by these words: "Mindful, Thoughtful, Humble"; to agree to do our best and to live by these three values," Seung-hyub said.

"Just as Jae-hyun mentioned, to work hard until the day that we complete touring the entire world."

Watch the full video interview above.