Ed Sheeran Confirms He's Married on New Album No.6 Collaborations Project

After months of speculation, the singer calls Cherry Seaborn his "wife" on "Remember the Name."
By Elyse Dupre 12 Jul, 2019 12:41 PMTags

He also gushes about his spouse while discussing his song "Best Part of Me," featuring YEBBA

"I constantly wake up every day with Cherry and I'm just like, 'Why the f--ck are you with me? You could literally be with whoever you wanted, and you've chosen me. And I'm saying all of the things that I think are wrong with me, but you still want to be with me,'" he says. "And I just find that amazing."

In fact, he says "it's quite sweet to always think that the person that you're with is out of your league" and that it "would be the worst thing" to take the relationship for granted.

"I tour a lot. I spend a lot of time on the road. And I have to go on the road and have this belief that, you know, this is meant to be," he says.

Sheeran also sings about his sweetheart in the tune "Cross Me" featuring Chance The Rapper and PnB Rock.

"She likes it. She likes it a lot," he says about his wife's thoughts about the tune. "I think she likes the message of it….It makes her feel, like, bad ass, as well, you know? You originally hear the song, and it sounds like it's me being like, 'Well I'm going to be protective,' but actually [it's both]."


It looks like his leading lady helps come up with ideas for his music, too, including his collaboration with Justin Bieber for his song "I Don't Care."  

"Bieber just got married. I'd just got married. That song is about being at an industry event with the woman you love, or the person you love, and kind of being like, 'F--k this, let's just have fun ourselves,'" he says. "It was actually Cherry's idea, because she was like, 'Oh, why don't you get Bieber? Like, he'd be perfect for this. [He] just fits it.'"

Rumors spread that Sheeran and Seaborn had tied the knot in a top-secret wedding back in February. Actually, the Grammy winner had kept fans on their toes ever since he revealed he had popped the question in December 2017. This was mainly because he wore a band on his ring finger.   


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