All The Asian Celebrities Who Took on the Bottle Cap Challenge

This viral challenge has taken over Asia too

By Hanan Haddad 15 Jul, 2019 7:20 AMTags
EXO, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, Jay ChouGetty Images

From the Harlem Shake to the Ice Bucket challenge, an integral part of current Internet culture is phenomenon of viral challenges that take the world by storm.

With meme-culture being such an integral part of being "online", it's no wonder that celebrities who use their online platforms to connect with their fans would join in on the crazy challenges that take over the internet as well. 

Most recently, the world has been honing their martial arts skills with the Bottle Cap Challenge, Asian celebrities included. The challenge is to kick a bottle cap off of a beverage without destroying the container. Ideally, the cap should just spin off the bottle rim. 

Asian celebrities such as the OG kungfu master Donnie Yen and EXO's Baekhyun have been putting their own spin (pun intended) to the challenge, and the results are pretty epic, if we do say so ourselves.

Check out all the coolest Bottle Cap Challenges by Asian stars below: 

Baekhyun & Chanyeol (EXO)

Probably one of the more hilarious versions of the Bottle Cap Chellenge, members of K-pop boy group EXO watch as fellow members, Baekhyun and Chanyeol attempt the challenge. The result was Chanyeol falling to his knees, hurting his hand by accident and receiving a face full of water as he held the bottled water against Baekhyun's wild kicks. 

All the EXO members proved to be good sports after a good laugh as they had to clean up the mess the water made at their dance studio. 



Sung Hoon

36-year-old actor, Sung Hoon, could not resist joining in the fun online with his own version of the challenge. This time, the ex-athlete shows of his kicks with a "side-ways" version of the challenge, allowing the actor to go for a higher kick.  



Donnie Yen

Let's be honest here, this challenge was MADE for IP Man's Donnie Yen. The 55-year-old martial arts expert and top Hong Kong actor basically won the entire challenge by doing the whole thing... while blindfolded! In a split second, Yen kicked the cap cleanly off the water bottle without a single splash and ended the video with his iconic wing chun pose. 



Jiyeon (T-ara)

Jiyeon from K-pop girl group T-ara, showed off her Taekwondo skills by executing the Bottle Cap challenge in the most badass way. The 26-year-old singer and actress executed a powerful high kick that shot the cap towards the sky and ended it with a nonchalant shrug. 



Jay Park

Even though 32-year-old solo artist Jay Park is currently in the middle of his world tour, he couldn't resist going on the 'gram to showcase his own version of the challenge. In true Jay Park style, he did the challenge shirtless and nailed it! He looked pretty pleased with himself by the end of it too. 



Sushmita Sen

43-year-old Bollywood actress and former Miss Universe Sushmita Sen turned the whole challenge into a wholesome family activity and got her kids to join in on the fun too. 



Akshay Kumar

Top Bollywood actor Akshay Kumar is known for his action movie roles ,so it's no surprise when this 51-year-old superstar tweeted his version of the Bottle Cap Challenge mid-workout. Seems like he was inspired by his personal action star idol, Jason Statham, but they both killed it. 



Hannah Quinlivan

25-year-old Taiwanese Australian actress and model Hannah Quinlivan proved that despite her petite figure, she is not one to mess with. After completing the challenge flawlessly, shades intact, she tagged her husband, superstar singer Jay Chou, to do the same. 



Jay Chou

And Jay Chou did not disappoint! The 40-year-old Taiwanese singer-songwriter finessed his own version of the challenge, this time using cards and his impressive throwing skills to pop the cap off the bottle easily. 



Vanness Wu

40-year-old Taiwanese-American actor and singer and a member of the Taiwanese boyband F4, Vanness Wu took up Jay Chou's challenge! He just might be an Asian "Gambit" as he popped the cap off the bottle with a card from a considerable distance. 



Jam Hsiao

One of our favourite versions of the Bottle Cap Challenge came from top Taiwanese singer, Jam Hsiao. The 32-year-old star made a hilarious skit out of the challenge that had us in stitches. Later on he uploaded a more "proper take" of the challenge with the caption, "Don't challenge me!" But as much as the completed challenge impressed us, his skit still takes the cake!