Late Actress Han Ji-Seong's Husband Booked For Aiding and Abetting DUI

The Korean actress passed away in May from a tragic car accident

By Pakkee Tan 12 Jul, 2019 3:40 AMTags

The late Korean actress Han Ji-seong's husband has been booked by the police for aiding and abetting the actress driving under the influence of alcohol, which lead to her tragic demise in May.

The Gimpo Police Station booked the late actress' husband without detention and called him in for questioning on 10 July. He was booked under suspicions of aiding and abetting the actress' drunk driving.

In an earlier round of questioning, the actress' husband stated that he had been drinking, but that he was not aware of his wife having any drinks. However, the autopsy report showed that the actress had a blood alcohol content of approximately 0.1 percent — it is illegal for an individual to drive if their BAC reading is 0.08 percent and higher.

First Autopsy Results Reveal More Details On Han Ji-Seong's Fatal Accident

On 6 May, Han passed away in a tragic car accident when she stopped her car in the middle of the Incheon International Airport Expressway, because her husband needed to relieve himself. She exited her vehicle and was subsequently run over by a taxi and an SUV in quick succession. She was pronounced dead on the scene. 

Han Ji-seong made her debut in 2010 as part of K-pop girl group B.Dolls, and went into acting as well.

The late actress got married earlier this year in March.