Diversity, Inclusion, Representation: Here's What Went On At Pink Screen 2019

Notable figures the likes of Ivan Heng, Oon Shu An and Anita Kapoor shared their thoughts

By E! Asia Staff 12 Jul, 2019 4:44 AMTags

Just last month, diversity and inclusion was celebrated at one of the keystone events of Pink Fest 2019: Pink Screen!

Held at The Projector, Pink Screen showcased a month's worth of queer cinema — think classics such as Orlando, starring the inimitable Tilda Swinton, and newer expositions on the subject such as The Silk and the Flame, an award-winning documentary of a gay man's journey back to his native China.

On the opening night, the who's who of the theatrical and acting scene showed up to lend their support. Among them, actress Oon Shu An and TV host Anita Kapoor, along with actors Ivan Heng, Lim Yu Beng, Brendon Fernanadez and Glen Goei talked about the importance of the event and how crucial representation on screen is for the community.

"I think it's very important because it gives people the opportunity to come together to watch stories that represent different groups of people in a way that is true, and in a way that is heartfelt," said Oon.

Christine Fellowes, Managing Director, NBCUniversal Networks Asia-Pacific, agreed. "We think that cinema and television and entertainment products should reflect the communities that we live in," she said.

Watch our interviews from the night below.

Ivan Heng

Actor Ivan Heng hopes that the films will help us to overcome our own biases and prejudices.

Anita Kapoor

TV presenter and writer Anita Kapoor talks about broadening the mind and the heart.

Brendon Fernandez

Actor and TV presenter Brendon Fernandez on the importance of films that represent diversity.

Christine Fellowes

Christine Fellowes — Managing Director, NBCUniversal Networks Asia-Pacific — shares her belief in diversity and inclusion.

Glen Goei

Director and producer Glen Goei believes that a balanced society needs to think about alternative points of view.

Lim Yu Beng

Actor Lim Yu Beng believes that visibility is highly underrated.

Oon Shu An

Actress Oon Shu An talks about the importance of seeing different points of view.

Sonal Paprocki

Sonal Paprocki — Vice President, Human Resources, NBCUniversal Asia-Pacific — talks about raising awareness and showing support.