2PM's Taecyeon Joins Instagram To Fight Back Against Stalker

The K-pop idol is putting a stop to online impersonators

By Pakkee Tan 10 Jul, 2019 3:25 AMTags

K-pop idol and actor Taecyeon is taking back control of his online profiles. The singer launched his own personal Instagram account yesterday following a statement he made about an individual who was allegedly harassing both him and his fellow 2PM members last week.

He explained his decision to set up a personal account in the bio description of his Instagram. "So the stalker kept making instagram account with my email address, ive [sic] decided to make a real instagram account," the K-pop star wrote. His account name, @taecyeonokay, is a play on his full name in Korean: Ok Taecyeon.

Sharing his first photo on the social media platform, which showed the singer in a jump shot on Udo Island, near Jeju, he wrote, "Welcome to my instagram!"

The authenticity of the Instagram account was confirmed when he posted a link on his verified Twitter account as well.

The star of 2016's television drama Hey Ghost, Let's Fight also followed up with two more posts on Instagram.

In the second post, he shared a screenshot of the stalker who was allegedly harassing him and creating fake profiles with his email.

"Stop it. I know it's you," he warned.

In his last update on Instagram, he shared a positive message with his fans.

"I do not have to worry too much about it. For a long time, I didn't hold any interest and just stood by to watch, but I can't do so anymore. Thanks to the fans, I gained a lot of information, thank you. To those who take pride in and enjoy bullying people, these people really need help! Let's hang in there so that we can help them. Good night!"

He shared the message along with a photo of himself posing with a statue on Udo Island.

Last week, the Korean singer spoke out against an individual who was targeting both him and his 2PM members online.

"Hyoro7741@gmail.com dddnnnmm59@gmail.com probably same person doing this sick and twisted stuff to not just me, but all of my members," he wrote. "If you have any information regarding this person(s) let me know. I am not going to let this crazy maniac bully us. 2pm needs your help Hottests!"

Taecyeon is not the only K-pop idol who has spoken out about online harassment recently. Super Junior's Choi Siwon also fired off a warning on Twitter last week after another separate case of online harassment.