2PM's Taecyeon Takes Action Against Online Bullies

The K-pop idol took to Twitter to call out perpetrators who were harassing 2PM members online

By Pakkee Tan 04 Jul, 2019 7:45 AMTags
2PM, TaecyeonGetty Images

Captain Korea strikes... at online bullies!

K-pop idol Taecyeon, a member of boy band 2PM, took to Twitter yesterday to call out the unsavoury behaviour of individuals who were harassing the members of his boy band.

In a series of three tweets, the recently discharged idol revealed information about the online bullies, and called on the 2PM fandom — Hottest — to help identify and police the perpetrator(s) behaviour.

"Hyoro7741@gmail.com dddnnnmm59@gmail.com probably same person doing this sick and twisted stuff to not just me, but all of my members," he wrote. "If you have any information regarding this person(s) let me know. I am not going to let this crazy maniac bully us. 2pm needs your help Hottests!"

He then followed up with a second tweet saying, "Lets [sic] stop this person from hurting my members".

In the screenshots that Taecyeon shared, abusive language was used on many occasions and threats that the sender knew the boy band members' phone numbers and addresses could be seen.

He ended with a third tweet that said, "It's a war between you and us(2pm and Hottests)".

Many of the K-pop idol's fans were supportive and urged him to hand the matter over to the police, in case the situation escalates further.

One fan wrote in reply, "[T]ake legal actions through the police please! it's the best way to prevent it."

Since posting his tweets, Taecyeon has not made any further comments on the current situation.

The K-pop idol was officially discharged from military duty earlier this year on 16 May. He recently signed with talent agency 51K and expressed his intention to pursue his acting career further, as well as being an active member of 2PM.