Inside Hopper's Stranger Things Season 3 Journey With David Harbour

Get the scoop on what it's like working with Winona Ryder and where things are headed between fan-favorite TV pair
By Chris Harnick 03 Jul, 2019 3:15 PMTags
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On camera, Joyce becomes a sounding board for Hopper. He's raising Eleven (Millie Bobby Brown), who is entering her teen years, and she's driving him crazy, specifically with her relationship with Mike (Finn Wolfhard).


"It freaks him out," Harbour teased about what's going on with Eleven and Hopper. "So, he's sort of thrust into the world of this very good, single mother who's really done it well. He's really looking for advice and as that progresses, they've known each other a long time…they've gone through their ups and downs…so there's a lot of history there to be explored. I think, for Jim, certainly he's trying to become the man that maybe he lost for a while…"

In the first season, Habrour said Hopper became the man of justice he lost. The second he became the father he didn't get the chance to be, and now in season three he's looking "more at the inadequacies of himself as the man, and it does go into kind of a romantic vein."

See how it all on fold when Stranger Things season three drops on Thursday, July 4 on Netflix.