Park Yoochun Sentenced To 2 Years Probation For Drug Offences

The JYJ member was sentenced for purchasing drugs

By Hanan Haddad 02 Jul, 2019 7:50 AMTags
Park Yoochun Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

On Tuesday morning, 2 July, a sentencing hearing for former member of TVXQ and current member of K-pop boy group JYJ, Park Yoochun was held at the Suwon District Court. The 33-year-old singer was trialled for allegedly violating South Korea's Narcotics Control Act by purchasing illegal drugs, namely Philopon. Philopon is a type of methamphetamine from Japan and Park was accused of purchasing 1.5 grams of the drug with ex-fiancé, Hwang Ha-na

On 14 June, prosecutors requested for Park to be sentenced to prison for one year and six months along with a fine of 1.4 million won (roughly US$1,182) as punishment for his drug abuse charges. This morning, Park was officially ruled as "guilty". He was sentenced by the court to two years of probation and a fine amounting to 1.4 million won. During his two years of probation, if Park were to commit a similar offence, he will be sent to prison for 10 months. 

Former JYJ Member, Park Yoochun Pleads Guilty To Drug Charges

The Suwon District Court made the following statement regarding the court's decision on Park's sentence, "[Park Yoochun] is charged with purchasing 1.5 grams of Philopon with Hwang Ha-na and injecting [the drug] on seven occasions. He is confessing to his crime, and he admits to being guilty of all charges."

The court also further explained how they decided on Park's sentence, "Drug-related crimes like these must be strictly punished because they have a harmful effect on society. Judging from the fact that [Philopon] was found in his leg hair, he injected the drug for a long time. However, he confessed to his crimes after being detained and is showing signs of self-reflection after the two months of detainment. This is also his first offence. Considering these facts, it was seen as a better choice to give him probation and treatment, as well as a suspended sentence."

After the trial, Park was met with a crowd of reporters, as seen in the video above. He made a statement about reflecting on his actions and then broke into tears, apologising when a reporter asked Park to say a few words to his fans who came to support him at his trial. "I would like to apologise once again for causing concern to many people. I will give back to the society and virtuously work hard. I promise to do so," he said, "I'm sorry. I feel very apologetic to my fans. I'm really sorry."

His ex-fiancé, Hwang Ha-na will also be prosecuted in court for drug charges and her trial is scheduled 10 days from now.