Korean Actor Kim Soo-Hyun Is Officially Discharged From The Military

Over 300 fans came to greet the beloved actor on the day of his official discharge

By Hanan Haddad 02 Jul, 2019 4:11 AMTags
Kim Soo-hyunHan Myung-Gu/WireImage

31-year-old actor Kim Soo-Hyun is back and he has been missed! The star of hit Korea dramas such as My Love From Another Star and Dream High was greeted by a crowd of over 300 fans and reporters when he was discharged from military service at the Imjingak Peace Bell in Paju.

Upon leaving the first Reconnaissance Battalion, a smiling Kim thanked every one for waiting for him and coming all this way to greet the actor. Kim answered a couple of questions asked by reporters who camped out to receive his statements.

When asked how his military service experience has been, Kim spoke fondly of his time spent in the army, saying, "From early this morning, when I was preparing for my discharge, up until now, it still hasn't quite kicked in [that I'm leaving the army]. I feel somewhat liberated." 

"I was initially worried because I was joining the army at a slightly older age than others but I think that I absolutely made the right decision in joining the first Reconnaissance Battalion," he continued. "While I was in the military, I trained hard just like any other soldier, and I was even awarded the title of ‘Special Class Soldier.' I worked hard and did my very best."

After his release from the military, naturally reporters asked if he has any big projects lined up in the near future. He replied, "I thought a lot and worried about many things during my time in the military, but right now, I really want to act. Nothing has been decided yet in terms of projects, but I think I'll be working hard and greeting you through new projects starting around next year or so."

This also brought attention to his exclusive contract with Key East, a talent management company, that will be expiring this year in December. There has been rumours that Kim might be establishing his own talent agency. However, no one has made a concrete statement to verify these rumours.

Korean Actor Kim Soo-Hyun To Return The Entertainment Industry

A representative from Key East told local news outlet, OSEN, the following regarding their contract with Kim, "It's a general principle that the contract period for an actor should not be open to outsiders. Kim Soo-Hyun's contract period is not over right away, and there is still some time left. We have heard about this [rumours of Kim starting his own agency], so we are aware of it. We've heard a lot of talk about a one-man agency and agency transfers, but the actor was just discharged, and we are also talking to him about his exclusive contract."

As Key East was Kim's agency since his debut, it is just as likely that the actor will stick to them and renew his contract. Stay tuned for updates on Kim as well as his future acting projects now that he will be back on our screens after two years.

Congratulations Kim Soo-Hyun for completing your military service and welcome back!