32 Gorgeous Korean Celebrities Who Don't Look Their Age

You know what they say, "Asian don't raisin"!

By Hanan Haddad 05 Jul, 2019 4:06 AMTags
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Korean celebrities are known not just for their incredible talent, but also for their seemingly everlasting youthful appearance, too. 

As the capital for all things skincare and beauty, South Korea places great emphasis on beauty and taking care of one's looks. Naturally, celebrities would fall in the same bracket. 

In this article, we've rounded up some of the top Korean celebrities in music, film and TV who have made jaws drop in admiration after finding out their age. These celebrities are youthful not just in terms of their looks, but also with their personalities, reiterating the fact that age is just a number. 

Scroll through below and prepare to be mind-blown: 

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Kim Hee-Sun

Veteran actress Kim Hee-Sun is known for her iconic roles in 90s K-dramas such as Men of the Bath House, Propose and Sunflower. With her classic beauty and elegance, jaws may hit floor after finding out that she is 42-years-old. 

Shin Min-A

Baby-faced superstar actress, Shin Min-A has captured the hearts of thousands with her lead roles in dramas like My Girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox and Oh My Venus. The stunning beauty recently turned 35 in April and we can't believe it! 

Jay Park

Former member of K-pop boy group 2PM turned CEO of his own music label AOMG, Jay Park can give idols today a run for their money with his boyish good looks and infinite swag. This young mogul recently turned 32 this year and that realization had us SHOOKETH. 

Han Ye-Seul

American-born South Korean actress, Han Ye-Seul is nothing less than a stunner! She is most known for her roles in films such as Miss Gold Digger in 2007 and Penny Pinchers in 2011. Currently, she starred in the 2019 K-drama titled, Big Issue. We literally gasped when we found out that Han will be turning 38 this September. What is her secret?! We need to know! 

Han Ga-In

Known as one of South Korea's most beautiful faces, actress Han Ga-In was part of the first Korean wave that swept through Asia. With her drama, Witch Yoo-Hee still considered a rom-com classic, we forget that the drama was aired in 2007 and that Han is 37-year-old this year! From her comeback drama, Mistress that aired last year, we think that Han might actually be a witch because she looks just as youthful and gorgeous as her Witch Yoo-Hee days. 

Jo In-Sung

Multi-award winning actor, Jo In-Sung is not just known for his incredible acting skills but also his good looks that sends women swooning. From his 2016 gangster film titled Dirty Carnival to his recent historical film, The Great Battle, Jo looks like he hardly aged at all in a span of a decade in cinema. Jo will be turning 38 in July this year. 

Kim Soo-Hyun

Kim Soo-Hyun's iconic break-out role in the K-drama Dream High might play a role in public perception of him, but this 31-year-old actor could pass off as a student any day. He recently was discharged from the military and we can't wait to see his next project.

Gong Yoo

Top Hallyu star, Gong Yoo is definition of fine wine. Nuff said! The star of popular K-drama Goblin and blockbuster hit, Train to Busan recently turned 39 and he has never looked better! 

Lee Min-Jung

Actress Lee Min-Jung shot to fame for her role in hit K-drama, Boys Over Flowers and since then, she seems to have frozen in time. We did a double take when we found out that this gorgeous actress turned 36 this year. 

Lee Young-Ae

Critically acclaimed South Korea actress, Lee Young-Ae exudes elegance and beauty from her pores. Known for her iconic role in historical K-drama Dae Jang Geum, Lee is 48-year-old this year and looking as stunning as ever. 

Kim Hee-Ae

A well-respected actress, Kim Hee-Ae has an extensive filmography and starred in 30 television dramas to date! Just looking at her glowing complexion and refined beauty, you would never have guessed that she has been working in the entertainment industry for over 36 years and recently turned 52-years-old. 

Kim Jong-Kook

Singer, entertainer and actor, Kim Jong-Kook has become a household name worldwide after being a beloved cast member in popular Korean variety shows such as X-man, Family Outing and Running Man. With his incredibly fit physique and clear skin, you might be surprised to find out that Kim recently turned 43 this year. 

Oh Yeon-Seo

We have three words for South Korean actress, Oh Yeon-Seo; Drop. Dead. Gorgeous. The former LUV member turned actress is known for her roles in K-dramas such as A Korean Odyssey and My Sassy Girl. She recently turned 32 in June this year and she can easily pass off as a fresh-faced idol any day! 

Lee Mi-Yeon

Actress and host, Lee Mi-Yeon has an impressive filmography as she made her debut back in 1987. Since then, she has become one of the most respected actresses in South Korea, winning multiple Blue Dragon Film Awards and Grand Bell Awards throughout her career. This fresh-faced actress will be 47 this year and we can hardly believe it!

Taeyeon (Girls' Generation)

Since her debut as the main vocalist of top K-pop girl group, Girls' Generation, Taeyeon has aged a day! Her visuals are just as fresh and stunning today as they were 12 years ago, when she debut. This stunning singer just turned 30 this year and never would've known had we not looked it up. 

Henry Lau

Baby-face Henry Lau is a talented singer, songwriter and part of idol group, Super Junior-M. Looking at him, you would never guess that he will be turning 29 this October. His boyish charm and good looks constantly catches us off-guard. 

Heechul (Super Junior)

ELFs are convinced that Heechul is a vampire because this multi-faceted idol will be turning 36 this month. Part of popular K-pop boy group, Super Junior, Heechul looks just as youthful today as he did when he made his first idol debut. 

Han Ji-Min

There is a lot of buzz around actress, Han Ji-Min who stars opposite Jung Hae-In in the 2019 drama, One Spring Night. Many fans, just like us, were gobsmacked when they found out that Han is turning 37 this year in November. With her petite frame and youthful features, many assumed that Han was in her twenties. 

Lee Jun-Ki

Another OG South Korean actor who was part of the first generation Korean wave, Lee Jun-Ki is most known for his unforgettable performance in the 2005 film, The King and the Clown. His androgynous beauty has kept him pretty much ageless as the 37-year-old star looks just as fresh today as his debut days. 

Choi Ji-Woo

Top veteran actress, Choi Ji-Woo was beyond stunning in the 90s and still just as stunning today at 44. She captured the hearts of many in the iconic 90s Korean drama that took the world by storm, Winter Sonata. 

Kim Tae-Hee

Actress Kim Tae-Hee is considered one of South Korea's most beautiful women ever since her acting debut in the hit drama, Stairway to Heaven in 2004. Even at 39-year-old, she is still known as a National Beauty in South Korea and looks just as gorgeous as her debut days. 

Jun Ji-Hyun

Whether you know her as Jun Ji-Hyun or Gianna Jun, one thing we all know is that this woman does not age! An international superstar who was one of the pioneers of the Hallyu wave, Jun is famous for her roles in classics such as the rom-com My Sassy Girl and hit drama, My Love from the Star. Jun looks just as stunning as her debut days at age 37 this year. 

Min Hyo-Rin

South Korean actress, Min Hyo-Rin is famous for her petite frame and baby-face features that gives her a youthful appearance no matter the age. She recently tied the knot with K-pop superstar, Taeyang from Big Bang and turned 33 this year. 

Park Bo-Young

One of the top actresses in South Korea today, Park Bo-Young skyrocketed to fame after her starring role in the blockbuster hit film, Scandal Makers and A Werewolf Boy. Even though she turned 29 this year, her child-like features and small frame helps her easily pass for teenager roles in dramas and movies. 

Song Joong-Ki

One of the top South Korean actors today, Song Joong-Ki has played a myriad of roles ranging from a captain in Descendants of the Sun to a playboy in the Joseon era in Sungkyunkwan Scandal. It's hard to believe that this charming and boyish star will be turning 34 this year. 

Eun Ji-Won

When it comes to ageless stars, first generation K-pop star, Eun Ji-Won immediately comes to mind. He debut as part of the first-gen K-pop boy group, Sechkies in 1997 and somehow seemed to be pulling a Benjamin Button on us, looking young and fresh in his latest solo comeback, "I'm On Fire" this year. It's hard to believe but this soloist turned 41 just last month. 

Son Ye-Jin

Son Ye-Jin is known as the rom-com queen of South Korea. She shot to international fame for her heart-wrenching romantic films such as A Moment to Remember in 2004 and April Snow in 2005. Recently she has been dubbed as the "Pretty Noona" (older sister) after starring in the 2019 drama, Something in the Rain where she was praised for her ageless beauty. Can you tell that this stunner turned 37 this year? 

Jung Hae-In

A rising star in South Korea, actor Jung Hae-In has been one of the most talked about stars after starring in hit romantic dramas, Something in the Rain and recently, One Spring Night. His boyish good-looks and idol-like visuals gives this actor such a youthful vibe that we always forget that he is in fact 31-years-old this year. 

Song Hye-Kyo

International superstar, Song Hye-Kyo is a household name all over the world, not just for her iconic roles in K-dramas like All In (2003), Full House (2004) and Descendants of the Sun (2016) but also for her ageless oriental beauty. Since her acting debut in 1996, this 37-year-old actress has pretty much been frozen in time. 


One of the pioneers of the K-pop wave, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) is an internationally renowned singer-songwriter, dancer and actor. The man behind classic K-pop hits such as "Ways to Avoid the Sun" and "It's Raining", he went on to acting in Hollywood films such as Ninja Assassin and Speed Racer. His incredible good-looks has pretty much grown exponentially as this father of two looks just as fresh at 37 than he did when he debut in 1998. 

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