K-Pop Star Himchan Denies Alleged Sexual Assault Charges in Court Trial

The idol from K-pop group B.A.P has been indicted for allegedly assaulting a young woman

By E! Asia Staff 12 Jul, 2019 5:15 AMTags

UPDATE: On 12 July, former B.A.P member, Himchan had his first court trial after he was indicted without detention by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office. The 29-year-old idol was indicted on charges of indecent act by compulsion in April 2019.

According to local news outlet, The Korean Herald, Himchan's legal counsel officially denied all allegations of the charges mentioned during the trial and pleaded not guilty. 

Himchan is on trial for an alleged indecent assault incident that occurred in 24 July 2018. The idol was investigated by the police after it was reported that he had allegedly committed an indecent assault against a woman in her twenties at a guest house in Namyangju. The victim referred to as 'A' was in the guest house drinking with Himchan and four other people. 

Himchan's lawyer made the following statement regarding the incident to the Seoul Central District Court, "There were feelings of interest between the two. It wasn't explicit consent, but there was implied consent, which is why it is not indecent act by compulsion. It's clear that there were feelings of interest between them. We acknowledge the truth of the kissing and the touching of [her] chest, but there was no other physical contact beyond that."

There will be a second hearing that is scheduled to take place on 16 August where the witness testimonies will be presented to the court. 

ORIGINAL, 25 June: 29-year-old rapper and sub-vocal of K-pop boy group B.A.P, Himchan, has been charged with sexual assault and has been indicted without detention prior to his trial. Himchan allegedly assaulted a woman in her twenties at a vacation home in Namyangju in early August. 

According to reports from local news outlets KBS and Newsen, six people were hanging out at the vacation home, including Himchan and the victim. The six people consisted of three men and three women and all six were drinking together at that time. That was when the alleged sexual assault occurred. 

Himchan has denied all accusations from the very beginning, claiming that it was a mutual interaction between two people with feelings for each other. Meanwhile, the victim insisted that she was assaulted by force. 

B.A.P's talent agency, TS Entertainment made a statement addressing the allegations last year, stating, "As reported, a misunderstanding took place when B.A.P's Himchan was with an acquaintance and friends after being invited by the acquaintance, and he has received a police investigation. There was a report that the police forwarded the case to the prosecution, but the claims of the two sides are very conflicting, so more investigations have to take place."

The aforementioned police investigation took several months to come to the conclusion that the victim's allegations were valid. On 24 June, it was revealed that Himchan was indicted by the Seoul Central District Prosecutors' Office on charges of sexual assault. 

His court trial will commence on 12 July.