Han Seo-Hee Revealed To Be Involved In B.I's Alleged Drug Scandal

She was the same person who was implicated in T.O.P's marijuana scandal in 2016

By E! Asia Staff 18 Jun, 2019 4:40 AMTags

Former iKON member, B.I was implicated in a drug scandal after South Korean media outlet, Dispatch reported that the idol had allegedly attempted to purchase marijuana and LSD. This caused B.I to not only leave iKON, but also YG Entertainment altogether. 

In the report, Dispatch revealed chat logs between B.I and person "A" who would be providing the drugs. 

On 13 June, Edaily reported that person "A" from the chat logs was none other than former YG Entertainment trainee, Han Seo-Hee. Han was indicted previously for smoking marijuana with Big Bang's T.O.P twice in October 2016. She was found guilty and sentenced to four years of probation. She could also possibly receive three years of jail time if she commits an offence while on her probation. 

Edaily's report was revealed to be true as Han, herself, took to Instagram to make a statement regarding her involvement with B.I's alleged drug scandal. 

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Her statement is as follow:

"I'm overseas. I'm doing well. I'm going to return to Korea in two days. Don't worry. To be honest, I didn't know that my name would become known so quickly. It's true that I'm surprised and scared. But I've made up my mind, so there's no need for worry.

Also, there's something I want to say. It's true that I've lived recklessly, done what I felt like, and said and done things that other people might be upset about. I acknowledge that and am reflecting on myself.

However, I earnestly ask you to consider this incident separately from my character. I'm well aware that you all don't think of me as likeable. It's also true that this is all the image that I created myself. But you have to consider this incident separately. You shouldn't put the focus on me. Really… I ask this of you."

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Later on, Han added to her statement in the comments and posting it on her main feed. The above comment reads:

"If I can add something, this isn't a plea for a lighter sentence. The August 2016 case about marijuana and use of LSD and the October 2016 case of using marijuana with T.O.P were combined, and I'm currently receiving my punishment. The cases were merged.

I don't sell, I deliver. After using money out of my own pocket to make a purchase from the dealer, I then handed [the product] to Kim Han-Bin (B.I) at the same price.

People say it's a sales tactic, but if you think about it, it's not. I don't see any profit. This will be revealed later through a proper interview. If there's going to be a reinvestigation of the [drug] delivery, then I will faithfully cooperate with authorities. The focus should be Yang Hyun-Suk personally interfering in this case, making threats, and making deals with police, but I'm worried that just because my name has been revealed as the informant [‘A' in previous articles], the focus is now all on me.

I'm asking that you see myself and this case as separate.

And I don't know that it matters if I say this now, but I tried to stop Kim Han Bin to the end, to not do it."

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The police are currently investigating the validity of Dispatch's report and the allegations towards B.I and YG Entertainment.

On 17 June, YG Entertainment made a statement regarding Han, explicitly saying that she was never a trainee under their company. A representative of the talent agency stated, "Though we have made requests to media outlets to make corrections, wrong information continues to be reported. Therefore, we would like to reaffirm the fact [that ‘A' was never a YG trainee] once more through this official statement."

The story is still developing.