Piggie Smalls, Yeontan, and Pooey: 14 Famous Pets and Their Famous Owners

Get to know these celebrities' favourite four-legged friends!

By Amanda McDougall 13 Jun, 2019 5:39 AMTags
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The Internet has long claimed that celebrities are "just like us", but wise readers know that there's a pretty big gap of money, fame, and power separating the average A-lister from the average citizen.

Well, the same goes for pet celebs — they're just like regular pets! With the notable exception, of course, of globetrotting adventures in private jets, weekly manicure sessions, fashion modelling contracts, and weddings to other pets, where John Legend is the entire wedding band.

If you have a pet, you already know that you'd do anything for your four-legged friend. It's no big surprise, then, that your favourite singers, actors, and hosts feel the same way about their fur kids. 

Inspired by The Secret Life of Pets 2, we're taking a look at some of the greatest (human and pet) power couples in mainstream pop culture right now.

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After Ariana and her boyfriend, Pete Davidson, split for good in October 2018, Grande kept the tiny teacup pig that the couple had adopted together the month before. Makes sense — Ariana was the one whose music video Piggie Smallz appeared in, after all. In January, lil Smallz uploaded her latest pic on Instagram, where she's racked up half a million followers on her own account. This isn't to discount Grande's other pets; she also owns nine dogs, named Coco, Toulouse, Ophelia, Fawkes, Cinnamon, Sirius, Strauss, Lafayette, and Pignoli.


Though Hilton's most famous canine companion, Tinkerbell, sadly passed away in 2015, there have been plenty of other pets that have lit up the media personality's life since. Hilton's pooches, Dollar, Marilyn Monroe, Peter Pan, Princess, Baby Bear, Dolce, Prada, and Harajuku Bitch (yes, really!) live in their own 2-storey mansion with its own designer furniture and evidently have no concern about the housing bubble. Hilton also notably owns a cat named Annabelle, a pig called Princess Pigelette, a pony, Lady Coco Chanel, and a sugar glider who goes by glamorous name of Brigitte Bardot.


Fans of the sensational K-pop band BTS lit up Twitter yesterday with their responses to singer V's reunion with his pooch Yeontan. "I LOVE YOU BOTH MY ANGELS" one excited fan wrote. The teacup Pomeranian, who fans also call "Tannie," follows V around constantly and is a fixture in the band's lives. The small dog most recently appeared in BTS' official movie trailer, looking dapper and, as always, adorable!


Taylor Swift has always famously cat-crazy, and recently added a new addition, debuting Benjamin Button to fans. "And then there were three…" Swift wrote on Instagram under a super-cute photo of her and the brown-and-white feline, in reference to her other cats, Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson. She reportedly adopted Benjamin right off the set of her most-recent single, "ME!" T-Swizzles has said in interviews that she considers her cats one of her biggest influences, calling them "a real joy to live with." The stars have truly aligned for the hard-working pop star, then, since she'll soon be appearing in a live-action adaptation of the stage-musical Cats.


Amber Liu, best known as a member of the girl group f(x), has her own little bundles of joy in a chihuahua, Jack Jack, and Russian blue, Tuna. The teeny tiny influencers (with 150,000 followers on Instagram) are constantly active on social media, and keep their "hooman" on her toes, advertising her tours as well as taking naps with her. Fun fact: Amber revealed back in 2013 that Jack Jack can speak Chinese!


Katy loves her puppy so much she had a set of custom pyjamas made, with Butters' cute face plastered all over them! The feeling is mutual, though; Butters has a collar with his owner's face stamped on the license. As seen when carried around in her owner's backpack, the fluffball's sister, Nugget, is equally loved, often accompanying her mom to red carpets and premieres. Nugget even went with the singer to vote in the 2018 midterm elections!


Is Diana, Priyanka's pampered pup, the most fashionable pet in Hollywood? She recently stepped out inside her owner's $2,000 Voltigeur carrier, and is frequently spotted wearing Fendi and Moncler ensembles. Diana's down to earth, though — between smizing on Instagram and third-wheeling on dates with Nick Jonas, she loves watching Game of Thrones and just kicking back in Priyanka's New York apartment.


Anyone who knows anything about K-pop girl group BLACKPINK knows about Dalgom, the Shih Poo who's stolen singer Jisoo's heart. He sleeps beside his owner every night, and Jisoo credits this as the reason she no longer has as many nightmares. Dalgom's a pretty shy pooch, happy staying in the background on-set and on-tour. He's also on record as being a bad listener—Jisoo's taken him to a dog trainer before, only to discover her pet hates performing tricks!


Oprah Winfrey has ensured her dogs, Sadie, Sunny, Lauren, Layla, and Luke, will never want for anything; the media executive has signed over a $30 million trust fund to the five of them in case anything should ever happen to her. She cares so much for her furry family that she's taken the time to personally potty-train all of them! Calling them her fur-children, Oprah loves taking them on hikes and walks in the rain.


A strange pair of pet names if there ever was one, the Keeping Up With The Kardashians star recently adopted a tiny puppy named Wesley. In the announcement, posted to her Instagram Story, Jenner speculated that he was a Chihuahua-Dachshund mix. Wesley's far from the one dog Jenner has, though. Norman and Bambi, two heart-melting Italian greyhounds, have their own Instagram account, which boasts more than 400,000 followers. Both are reportedly taking a detox from social media, though, as nothing's been posted on the account since December 2017. Jenner recently had to dispel rumours that something had happened to the dogs! According to her, all of them are alive and well, thankfully.


The Nation's Little Sister, actress Kim So-hyun, posts lots of pics to her Instagram page, but none are more lovable than her selfies with Mongsuk. The white Maltese has been seen wearing the tiniest sweaters, sunglasses, and the cutest Snapchat face filters. They often spend whole weekends just hanging out together!


According to ELLE, Chrissy wanted to name her son after one of her dogs — until husband John Legend put a firm stop to that plan. Legend and Teigen's dogs Pippa, Penny, Pepper, Pablo and Pooey are spoiled rotten and are always living their best life, hanging out on couches and under tables, eternally hoping for food scraps. Pippa and another pup called Puddy were married in an intimate ceremony back in 2015, with Legend soulfully serenading them on the piano. Sadly, though, the family mourned Puddy's passing back in March.


Choi Young-jae, the frontman for Korean boy band GOT7, opened an petstagram for his Maltese CoCo nearly a year ago. Now with over 200,000 followers, CoCo rarely graces audiences with a picture. But every "pupdate" that comes in has fans commenting in starry-eyed droves. Small wonder, when CoCo's dad posts pics of her in a tiny cone, reportedly because she licks her feet!


Though we grieved for Tatum's goat, Heather, back in 2016, and pitbull mix, Lulu, last year, we can still coo over his two horses, Smoke and Cajun. The Magic Mike star received Cajun as a birthday gift a few years back, and the two have been inseparable ever since. Another rescue horse, Smoke, came along a little later, and reportedly loves beer. And let's not forget the actor's white Pomeranian, Meeka, who frequently goes on jogs with him.

The Secret Life of Pets 2 hits cinemas on 30 May in Singapore, 5 June in the Philippines, 6 June in Thailand, 7 June in Taiwan and Vietnam, 14 June in Indonesia, 20 June in Hong Kong, 5 July in China and 26 July in Japan.