Cute Couple Alert! E'Dawn Celebrates His Birthday With Girlfriend, HyunA

The former Pentagon member marked his birthday with an intimate celebration with his girlfriend and agency

By Hanan Haddad 03 Jun, 2019 6:40 AMTags

Former member of K-pop boy group Pentagon, E'Dawn celebrated his birthday over the weekend with his long-time girlfriend, HyunA and his new agency, P-Nation, in an epic fashion.ย 

The musical artist, whose real name is Kim Hyo-jong, turned 25 and shared photos of his birthday celebration on social media. The celebrity couple look content and happy together, warming the hearts of fans all over the world. Not to mention, both HyunA and E'Dawn are Gemini babies, making them the perfect couple.ย 

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E'Dawn was presented with a colourful custom cake that said "Happy Birthday HyuJong" on it as well as P-Nation written on the side. Seems like E'Dawn was also celebrating his signing with a new agency, P-Nation (aka Psy's talent management agency).ย 

P-Nation also wished E'Dawn "Happy Birthday" on their official Instagram, showing their newly signed artists support.ย 

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HyunA also shared video clips of E'Dawn's birthday celebration and the couple's interactions had our hearts melting. In the video below, posted on HyunA's Instagram, she says to E'Dawn, "Honey, say something since it's your birthday."

In which E'Dawn replied with, "I think that's what life is. This is what happiness is." Aww! HyunA and E'Dawn hitting us in the feels yet again.ย 

He then proceeded to blow out his birthday candles.ย 

Happy Birthday to E'Dawn!ย