Yoona Dreams of a Perfect 'Summer Night' in Her New MV: Watch

The Girls' Generation singer dropped her new solo single and we're in love!

By Pakkee Tan 03 Jun, 2019 6:34 AMTags
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"Summer night/When the long summer sun sets/I get drunk on the perfect comfort," so starts Yoona's soothing new solo track, 'Summer Night'.

The Girls' Generation member released her first solo single on 30 May, and it has already racked up more than two million view on YouTube. The track is a dreamy duet featuring solo artist 20 Years of Age, where Yoona sings about a summer love amid a pensive melody that stays with you throughout the day.

In the music video, the singer lives out the perfect summer's day: Lounging by the pool, meditating in the garden, taking in the sea breeze, and having her cake and eating it too! The beautifully coloured video makes one think of a nostalgic summertime in the distant past, where only good memories exist. Similarly, Yoona's outfits evoke a sun-drenched, nautical feel, full of bright colours and stripes that complement her song's wistful lyrics.

Another interesting tidbit to note? This track was released to coincide with the singer's 29th birthday — and isn't it the best birthday gift one can have?

Watch the video below: