Song Hye-Kyo & Joo Ji-Hoon Respond to Rumours of Starring in New Drama

The two Hallyu stars are rumoured to star in the upcoming dram Hyena

By Hanan Haddad 31 May, 2019 9:37 AMTags
Ju Ji-Hoon, Song Hye-KyoGetty Images

South Korean news outlets have reported that there are industry rumours regarding top Hallyu actress, Song Hye-Kyo and actor, Ju Ji-Hoon starring in the upcoming drama titled Hyena

The rumours were that "Song Hye-Kyo and Ju Ji-Hoon will be the main characters for the new Wednesday/Thursday drama on KBS 2TV, Hyena. It will air in November."

The drama tells the story of Jung Geum-Ja, a high profile lawyer working for the top 1% of society. She is notorious for disregarding morals and manipulating the law in order to win her high-paying cases. Her paths crossed with Yoo Hee-Jae, a conceited lawyer who believes that he can manipulate the top 1% with his skills. 

What sets Hyena apart from other courtroom dramas is that the plot will showcase how the law can actually be manipulated to serve the rich and influential. It is a critique on the flaws in the justice system rather than a story about conviction. 

It is scheduled to premiere November this year. 

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As rumours circled surrounding the two stars, both Song and Ju decided to respond. Song's agency made the following statement to address the rumours, 

"Song Hye-Kyo has only received an offer and script for Hyena. However, nothing has been confirmed yet. She is looking through a variety of different projects."

Ju's agency, Key East, responded with the statement, "[Ju Ji-Hoon] was offered the role in Hyena and is currently reviewing it. He is keeping an open mind on a variety of projects."

This would not be the first time that Song and Ju have worked together. The two have previously starred together in the dramas, Encounter and Kingdom

We certainly hope that the actors would agree to the offer so that we can see them together again on our screens.