Song Joong-Ki on Marriage to Song Hye-Kyo: "I’ve Become More Emotionally Stable"

The South Korean actor shared more about his marriage to actress Song Hye-kyo at a recent press conference

By Pakkee Tan 29 May, 2019 8:06 AMTags

It's been two years since the Song-Song couple got married in a star-studded ceremony in Seoul, which the Korean media dubbed a "fairytale".

Now, Song Joong-ki is opening up about marriage has changed him.

Speaking at a press conference in Seoul for his upcoming drama series, Arthdal Chronicles, the Korean heartthrob talked at length about the changes he has gone through since getting married to actress Song Hye-kyo.

"Nothing changed too drastically, but I do feel like I've become more emotionally stable as a result," he said, according to koreaboo. "I feel like all married people would understand this feeling."

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Speaking about Arthdal Chronicles, his first acting project since getting married almost two years ago, he acknowledged the importance of his wife's support in the project.

"[My wife] is also a big fan of the writers and directors of this drama," he said. "She cheered me on saying that, since this is my first drama in a long time, I should focus and do a good job until the very end."

The actor's openness about his marriage is an anomaly in the Korean celebrity industry, which is fiercely close-lipped about private relationships between celebrities. These statements also put to rest the inaccurate rumours about the Song-Song couple's marriage being on the rocks, after actress Song Hye-kyo was spotted several times without her wedding ring.

You know what they say: A couple that supports one another, stays together!

Your First Look at Song Joong-Ki's Upcoming Drama, Arthdal Chronicles

Song Joong-ki's latest drama is a fantasy thriller set in an imagined kingdom where two mythical heroes battle for the future of in an ancient civilisation called Arth.

The show is set to premiere this weekend on 1 June, exclusively on Netflix and tvN.