K-Pop Star Ong Seong-Wu Reveals His Official Fan Club Name

It has several possible meanings behind it

By Pakkee Tan 28 May, 2019 2:20 AMTags
Ong Seong-Wu, ValentinoTPG/Getty Images

Fans of Ong Seong-wu, you've officially been christened!

The former Wanna One member, who embarked on his solo career this year, gave the announcement on his staff Twitter page.

"Wishing WELO a happy birthday. Thank you so much for celebrating with us," his Twitter caption read. "I hope we can comfort each other warmly in the future. WELO, I love you guys so much!"

According to a post on his fan cafe, WELO could have three possible interpretations in Korean. 

As translated by Korean news site soompi, it could stand for:

1. An acronym for "We Eternally Love Ong Seong-wu"

2. Ong Seong-wu and his fans will be a source of "comfort" (위로) for each other.

3. Ong Seong-wu's fans hope that he will rise "higher" (위로) as an artist.

The K-pop idol has not been idle since the start of his solo career: He is slated to star in an upcoming JTBC TV drama titled, 18 Moments, and teased a new song as part of a project with Pepsi called 'Heart Sign'. The song is due to drop on 7 June, but you can have a listen to the first teaser here.

Congratulations to WELO!