Sparks Fly Between Jung Hae-In & Han Ji-Min in One Spring Night

The two top actors reveal what it's like to act like a couple

By Hanan Haddad 24 May, 2019 3:57 AMTags
Jung Hae-In, Han Ji-Min Getty Images

With his boy-next-door charms and good looks, many fans were eagerly waiting for 31-year-old Jung Hae-in to debut his new romantic drama One Spring Night and the moment has finally arrived! 

What has gotten fans even more excited was when it was announced that 36-year-old actress Han Ji-min was confirmed to be his romantic interest and co-star. Known for her roles in other romance dramas like Rooftop Prince, Han's elegant beauty seems like a perfect match for Jung's boyish good looks. 

In a press conference with Korean media outlets, the two stars talk about their experience working together, their roles and the public's expectation after the hit that was Something In The Rain

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One Spring Night tells the story about a young librarian, Lee Jung-in (played by Han Ji-min) who is in a long-term relationship with her banker boyfriend Kwon Ki-seok (played by Kim Joon-han). Even though her boyfriend is perfect in every way, Lee still felt like something was missing in her life. Then she meets Yoo Ji-ho (played by Jung Hae-in) works as a pharmacist and is also a single father. The two share a connection and revaluate what love and happiness means to them. 

Directed by An Pan-seok who is known for his hit drama Something in the Rain, One Spring Night gives a similar romantic vibe with lots of slice-of-life scenes that viewers can relate to. Due to the similarities in terms of cast and director, some media outlets have been comparing Something in the Rain's Son Ye-jin to Han. 

When asked about the following, Han answered graciously and confidently, "I really like actress Son Ye Jin. The roles Son Ye Jin and I can play are different. I want to talk about something else than getting judged on how we compare on who did better. I don't hesitate about any projects because of the pressure I may feel in that sense."

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Jung went on to talk about how Han helped him during filming, saying "I made a lot of mistakes but she never creates an NG. She taught me what to do in these situations. Since she's been in the business a lot longer than I have, I learn a lot from her. I'm also learning what positions are best to shoot certain scenes.

I never once felt that I'm older than her during filming so I've never called her noona on set. I think I'll be able to call her that comfortably after we finish."

Turns out that the feeling was mutual as even though Han is a veteran actress, she too learnt a thing or two from Jung, "He gives me a lot of tips on set. I find myself depending on him a lot. What I found while filming was that Jung Hae-In is manlier and has more leadership than I thought. I think that's why I don't feel he's younger than me."

Looks like age truly is nothing but a number. 

The first episode of One Spring Night has premiered on Netflix, with new episodes coming out weekly.

Catch the trailer below and revel in the beauty that is Jung Hae-in and Han Ji-min: