16 Pairs Of Korean Celebrities That Look Unbelievably Alike

Don't mistake them for their doppelgänger!

By Hanan Haddad 23 May, 2019 8:02 AMTags

Just like how Katy Perry looks so much like Zooey Deschanel it sends chills down our spine, there are definitely plenty of celebrity twins in South Korea's entertainment industry.

From K-pop idols to actors that are part of the original Korean wave, these celebrities and their equally famous doppelgängers had us doing double takes whenever they pop up on our screens. 


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Jin-Woon (2AM) & Yoon Ji-Sung (Wanna One)

Member of the now disbanded Wanna One, Yoon Ji-Sung was spotted early on in the Idol Reality Show Produce 101 for looking very much like his sunbae, 2AM's Jin-Woon. From their defined nose to their irresistible eye-smile, we definitely see the resemblance. 

Lee Won-Geun & L (Infinite)

Actor, Lee Won-Geun, best known for his break-out role in the drama Cheer Up! is sometimes mistaken for K-pop boy group Infinite's visual, L. They are both the same age too! 

Rain & Junho (2PM)

When K-pop boy band, 2PM first debut in 2008, fans of the group can't help but notice Junho's striking resemblance to one of the biggest K-pop icon at that time, Rain. 

Sung-Jong (Infinite) & Song Hye-Kyo

Could Infinite's vocalist Sung-Jong be Hallyu actress, Song Hye-Kyo's long lost little brother? We secretly think so because these two stars look so alike. From their small faces and almond-shaped eyes, the two stars can certainly fool the world if they said they were related. 

Kim Woo-Bin & Hong Jong-Hyun

What would happen is 29-year-old actor Kim Woo-Bin and fellow actor of the same age, Hong Jong-Hyun were to star as twins in a drama? With their defined jawline, bold brows and piercing eyes, we would not be surprised if these two dashing men were casted as brothers. 

Jungkook (BTS) & Sung-Jin (DAY6)

No, the photo above is not a prank. Even we had to do a double-take when we first saw Sung-Jin of K-pop rookie group, DAY6 because he bears such a striking resemblance to BTS' magnae, Jungkook. 

Nam Joo-Hyuk & Lee Jung-Shin (CNBLUE)

Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo's Nam Joo-Hyuk is known for his boyish good looks and heart-melting scenes. Equally dashing is CNBLUE's bassist and rapper, Lee Jung-Shin, who has appeared in dramas too so don't mistake them for each other. 

Chanyeol (EXO) & Binnie (Oh My Girl)

Looks like EXO's Chanyeol has found an unexpected doppelgänger in OH MY GIRL's Binnie who could definitely pull off being his little sister. Both Chanyeol and Binnie have big eyes and well-defined noses that remind fans of each other. 

Jang Mi-Kwan & Im Si-Wan (ZE:A)

Member of idol group ZE:A, 30-year-old Im Si-Wan has been doing well as an actor too, winning awards for his roles. Thus when 29-year-old Jang Mi-Kwan had his breakout role as the villain in Strong Girl Bong-soon, some fans understandably mistook him for Im. 

Onew (Shinee) & Song Joong-Ki

If top Hallyu actor Song Joong-Ki had a little brother, we'd imagine him to look a lot like Onew from contemporary K-pop boy group, Shinee. The two even starred in Descendants of the Sun together, though we feel like Onew could've played a younger version of Song's character perfectly. 

Mir (MBLAQ) & Lee Hong-Ki (FT Island)

When K-pop boy group MBLAQ burst into the music scene in 2009, fans were quick to notice Mir's resemblance to FT Island's main vocalist, Lee Hong-Ki. The two have such similar features, especially when you observe their eyes. 

Suzy Bae & Jung Chae-Yeon (DIA)

Former Miss A member turned actress, Suzy Bae is known for her ethereal beauty. So when rookie girl group DIA made their debut, fans were excited to see that one of the members, Chae-Yeon looked so similar to Suzy. 

Kang Dong-Won & Joo-Won

When 31-year-old actor Joo-Won shot to fame for his role as Kim Takgu in King of Baking, fans of the show observed that the actor bears an uncanny resemblance to his sunbaenim, veteran actor Kang Dong-Won. 

Park Hyung-Sik & Ji Sung

Despite the 15 years age difference, ZE:A's Park Hyung-Sik looks so much like top Hallyu actor, Ji Sung, it's almost scary. Now that Park is focusing on his acting career, we can't help but see a young Ji Sung whenever he appears on the TV screen. 

Yoona & Krystal Jung

Even though Jessica is Krystal Jung's real biological sister, we'd believe you if you told us that Girls' Generation's Yoona is also part of the family. 

Park Shin-Hye & Ryu Hwa-Young

Former member of K-pop girl group T-ara, Hwa-Young looks so much like global star Park Shin-Hye that we had to do a double take. Was that Park Shin-Hye rapping to "Yayaya"?