K-pop's Baddest Female, CL's Comeback Involves Her Own Talk Show

We never saw this one coming

By E! Asia Staff 17 May, 2019 10:13 AMTags
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When 2NE1 fans saw that CL started posting photos of her on set and shooting, alongside some cryptic captions, many were predicting that the leader of the group is about to finally make her comeback. 

The 28-year-old singer, rapper and songwriter has yet to make a comeback since the disbandment of 2NE1 in 2009, exactly a decade ago. The now soloist was set to make her comeback and US debut. However, after releasing her English single "Lifted", CL kept a low profile. 

Until now.

With her series of cryptic Instagram posts, Blackjacks might be surprised to know that CL is making a comeback with her very own talk show. This week, South Korean broadcast JTBC confirmed that CL will be starting her own talk show called CL Nine

They stated, "We're currently working on launching a talk show with CL called CL Nine. The premiere date has not been confirmed, and we're discussing Paris Hilton as a possible guest." 

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South Korean media speculated that Paris Hilton might be appearing on CL's show during the time she is set to launch her new cosmetic brand on 30 May this year. In that timeline, we can expect CL Nine to premiere in July 2019. 

Though no other news of the talk show has been revealed, we can infer that with Paris Hilton as a guest, CL's show will have a rather international guest list. Unlike most Korean talk shows that primarily interview and bring on local idols and celebrities, CL Nine will have a more international reach with both local and global stars on her show. 

As CL is fluent in English, it is quite likely that this the situation. Till then, Blackjacks will be waiting in great anticipation for more details of CL Nine to be revealed. 

Stay tuned for updates.