Blac Chyna Dishes on Rob Kardashian and Where She Stands With Kylie Jenner

Find out what the reality star shared in a candid interview on Wednesday
By Jess Cohen 15 May, 2019 4:19 PMTags
Rob Kardashian Praises "Wonderful Relationship" With Blac Chyna

During her interview with Wendy Williams, Chyna shared that her split with Tyga wasn't a result of cheating. 

So, while there's been drama between Chyna and Kylie over the years, what's the status of their relationship now?

"On my side, the last time we spoke and whatnot, because you know it is Dreamy's auntie and stuff, and when me and Robert was together, we kinda put those differences aside," Chyna told Wendy. "And I mean, from now on I'm fine on my side and I'm hoping that we're good..."

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Following her split from Tyga, Chyna began her relationship with Rob in early 2016, which many believed she did to get back at the Kardashian family. However, Chyna denied those claims, explaining that Rob had been hitting her up on Instagram.

"I thought it was like a setup," Chyna told Wendy, explaining she wasn't "falling" for that. But then around New Year's Eve that year, she was in Arkansas hosting a party and decided to call Rob because he had been on her mind. A week and a half after returning to L.A., Chyna met up with Rob and had an immediate "connection."

Though they're not together anymore, Chyna told Wendy that she'd pick Rob as a "better lover" than her ex Tyga. However, she confirmed she wouldn't get back together with Dream's father.

Watch the video above to see what else Chyna had to say about her relationships with Rob and Kylie!