Monsta X Celebrates 4th Anniversary: Here's 10 Things You Need to Know About Them

They are celebrating four years since their debut

By Hanan Haddad 14 May, 2019 10:10 AMTags
Monsta X Ken Ishii/Getty Images

In celebration of Monsta X's fourth year since their debut, the popular K-pop boy group have decided to commemorate it by sending their fans (known as Monbebe) a video message. 

Wonho kicked off the video with, "Monbebe, you know what day today is right? It's May 14, 2019, MONSTA X's birthday!" Kihyun added, "It feels like we met yesterday, and I can't believe that four years have already passed."

"There were a lot of memories during the four years," said Hyungwon. "Were the times with us fun, Monbebe? Was it fun for you as well, fellow members?" I.M. chimed in, "My four years with Monbebe are only filled with beautiful, happy memories."

Minhyuk went on to say, "I hope that you'll continue to make good memories with MONSTA X in the future." Then Joohoney added, "Monbebe, promise me that you'll continue to be with MONSTA X for our 5th anniversary, 6th anniversary, and 7th anniversary!"

Shownu concluded, "Thank you to everyone who has been with MONSTA X and congratulated us today. Thank you!" 

They ended the message with "I love you, Monbebe!"

Monsta X's fandom is growing rapidly and for those who have just discovered and fallen in love with this K-pop group, we've rounded up 10 things you might not have known about the group. 

Congratulations to Monsta X for four fabulous years! 

MONSTA X’s I.M and ELHAE Debut Their Music Video, Horizon
Monsta X was formed via a reality show

Mnet's No.Mercy was created in collaboration with talent agency, Starship Entertainment. In the programme, 13 trainees were pitted against on another, faced challenges and were mentored by some of the biggest names in the industry (eg. Wheesung, San E, Hyorin and more). The winning trainees debuted at Monsta X.

They released their first EP “Trespass”

The group made their debut with an EP on 14 May 2015. I.M, Kihyun and Wonho contributed to the production of several songs in "Trepass" via lyrics and rap verses.

Their first solo concert sold out in 5 minutes

After releasing their third mini-album "The Clan Pt. 1 Lost", Monsta X held their first solo concert mid July 2016. The First Live "X-Clan Origins" was held for two days and concert tickets were sold out in five minutes.

Shownu was a former trainee at JYP

It was revealed that Shownu was previously a trainee at JYP Entertainment and was working with GOT7. However, he left without completing his training. Shownu was a JYP trainee for 2 years before he moved to Starship Entertainment.

I.M is well-travelled

I.M actually lived in the States for three years and in Israel for four years, before settling down in South Korea. He had to move a lot because his father worked as a scientist and had to travel often for work.

Monsta X has won a total 27 awards

It has been four years since the group debut and they have been incredibly successful not just in the charts. They have also received accolades and awards for their music. In the four years, they have won a total of 27 awards thus far.

There is a hidden meaning to their fandom name

Monsta X came up with their own name to call their official fandom and that's ‘Monbebe'. When asked why they chose such a unique name, Minhyuk said, "The hidden meaning of our Monsta X team name is 'My Star.' Mon means mine in French, so it's Mon-Sta(r). Mon Bebe, or our baby, was fitting."

Monsta X collaborated with Steve Aoki

BTS is not the only K-pop boy band Steve Aoki has worked with. This March, Monsta X released the English version of their track "Play It Cool", in collaboration with Steve Aoki.

They just announced their biggest tour yet

Starship Entertainment announced Monsta X's third world tour named after their third studio album "Take.2 We Are Here". The world tour is held this year and it's their biggest one yet. Monsta X will be performing in 12 countries and 18 cities.

Hyungwon is a meme and fashion king

Prior to his trainee days under Starship, Hyungwon was a popular model, walking down the runways of Seoul Fashion Week. He is also well-known for his facial expressions that often get turned into memes.