Jung Joon-Young Pleads Guilty To All Charges And Seeks Settlement

He is also facing a separate rape charge

By Hanan Haddad 14 May, 2019 7:58 AMTags

30-year-old singer-songwriter and former cast member of popular Korean variety show 2 Days 1 Night, Jung Joon-Young has pleaded guilty and admitted to all charges of filming and distributing illicit videos of women without consent. 

He attended his pretrial hearing, which occurred on 10 May, even though it is not necessary for the defendant to be present. During the trial, Jung expressed that he is seeking to settle with all the victims of his illegal filming and admits truth to the evidence that has been presented in the pretrial. 

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Jung is currently being charged for 11 cases of illegal filming and sharing of illicit footage. Hence, he seeks settlements with the victims, in which case if accepted, Jung might get off without any jail time.

Jung is also being investigated for a separate gang rape charge where the victim allegedly reported Jung  and former FT Island member, Choi Jung-Hoon as two out of the five perpetrators. The victim claimed that she was gang raped after she was drugged by five men. 

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She reportedly woke up in a compromised position after losing consciousness. The victim recounted that, "Jong-hoon was next to me laughing. Since I was naked, I asked: 'What's going on?' They said: 'You don't remember?' and laughed."

It was reported that she and the five men still kept in contact after the incident as they seemed to think nothing wrong had taken place.  "Even though I considered them friends, it wasn't the same for them. I can't help but think they simply treated me like an object. I was ashamed," the victim said. 

Although Jung has pleaded guilty to filming women without consent, both he and Choi have denied the gang rape accusations. A separate investigation is in motion for this charge as Jung and Choi are currently under police custody for the spycam charges.