Kang Daniel Wins Lawsuit; Court Suspends His Contract With LM Entertainment

The K-pop star will be able to resume his activities really soon

By Pakkee Tan 14 May, 2019 2:26 AMTags
Kang Daniel, MAMA 2018Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

Kang Daniel has won the lawsuit against his (now former) parent company, LM Entertainment.

The K-pop star recently took his management company to court over an alleged breach in his exclusive contract. LM Entertainment was reported to have signed over a majority of Kang's management rights to a third party without consulting him in return for payment.

On 10 May, the court ruled in favour of the pop star, and suspended Kang's exclusive contract with LM Entertainment.

According to Kang's legal representative, Kang would be able to "pursue independent activities as a celebrity" and that LM Entertainment cannot "interfere in Kang Daniel's activities, and they must not negotiate or sign contracts on his behalf or require him to pursue activities on their behalf."

K-Pop Star Kang Daniel Allegedly In Dispute With Parent Company

Following the court's ruling, the former Wanna One member took to his Instagram account (@daniel.k.here) and posted a handwritten thank you note to his fans for supporting him throughout the lawsuit.

In a translation from Korean news site soompi, the letter reads:

"I'm writing [this letter] because I wanted to inform everyone, who's believed in and waited for me during these long three months, of [this news] myself. If I didn't have the support and attention you've given me, I don't think I could have gathered up the courage like this. During the long, long period of silence, I was touched and even cried as I read each and every one of your supportive messages. I was able to endure each day through your warmth and faith.

Although I could have made [my situation] easier and faster by making compromises, I wanted to show you this image of myself going in the right and honorable direction, even if I went slowly.

Thank you so, so much to all the fans who believed in my actions and my thoughts.

I'll now return all the courage and faith that I've received from everyone so far. I'll appear on the precious stage that you guys have helped made possible with a great song and better image.

All the fans! Please keep an eye out for rookie singer Kang Daniel, who will be making a fresh start.

Once again, thank you so much."

Now that Kang is no longer under contract with them, it is unclear whether LM Entertainment will return the singer's verified official Instagram account (@thisisdaniel_k) for him to manage on his own. Its follower account currently stands at around 2.6 million followers, while his personal account clocks in at about 1 million.

Meanwhile, LM Entertainment said that they would "file a formal objection and fight until the end against the injustice of the original suit and the court's recent ruling."