These Gorgeous Korean Celebrities Are Celebrating Mother's Day This Year

These women are superstar moms

By Hanan Haddad 10 May, 2019 9:17 AMTags

In celebration of Mother's Day, we are rounding up some of South Korea's most gorgeous and prolific celebrity moms. 

These ladies can do it all! They all have thriving careers in the entertainment industry, won several awards and equally important, have made a family of their own. We can only imagine how difficult it must be juggling a high profile career as an artist, while being a mother and these women do it with such grace and poise. Motherhood has never looked this good! 

From top Hallyu actresses to K-pop legends, check out all these gorgeous mommies! 

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Lee Min-Jung

Since her role in Boys Over Flowers shot her to international fame, Lee Min-Jung has been going from strength to strength. The 36-year-old actress is married to top Hallyu actor, Lee Byung-Hun and they have an adorable son name Lee Joon-Hoo. After giving birth in 2015, she went on a hiatus to focus on her son. Thankfully, she has made her return to the screens with the melodrama Fates & Furies that aired early this year. 

Jun Ji-Hyun

Top Hallyu actress, Jun Ji-Hyun, also known as Gianna Jun is not only a superstar, she is also a superstar mom. She has two beautiful sons aged five and one respectively. It's hard to believe since Jun looks as if she has not aged a day since her My Sassy Girl days but this 37-year-old actress gave birth to her second son in January 2018. 

Kim Tae-Hee

Power couple Kim Tae-Hee and Rain are basically the Beyonce and Jay Z of South Korea. Both Hallyu stars in their own right, the couple got married in January 2017. Kim later gave birth to her daughter in October that same year. We can only imagine how beautiful their little girl must be with such incredible genes on her side. 

Park Han-Byul

Park Han-Byul became a mom recently after tying the knot in 2017. The 34-year-old actress gave birth to her son in April last year to the delight of her fans. After a short hiatus, Park is back on the TV screen with her new drama Love In Sadness early this year. 

Kang Hye-Jung

Award-winning actress, Kang Hye-Jung is well-known for her incredible acting in films such as the iconic Oldboy and Welcome to Dongmakgol. She is married to Tablo, the lead rapper of popular hip-hop trio, Epik High. The two have an adorable daughter named Haru who is currently 9-years-old. 

Kim Ha-Neul

OG Hallyu actress, Kim Ha-Neul has been in the industry for decades and not many has a CV as impressive as hers. With classics such as My Tutor Friend and My Girlfriend is an Agent under her belt, this busy 41-year-old is also a mom. She gave birth to her daughter in May of last year. 

Cha Ye-Ryun

Some may be pleasantly surprised to find out that this statuesque 33-year-old actress is also a mom. Cha Ye-Ryun is most known for her popular rom-com film The Actress is Too Much and the melodrama Bad Love. She is married to fellow actor, Joo Sang-Wook and they gave birth to their first child in July last year. 

Lee Si-Young

Popular actress and amateur boxer, Lee Si-Young gave birth to her first child, a boy, at the start of 2018. The 37-year-old stunner has starred in so many films and dramas, including the blockbuster drama Poseidon and iconic drama Boys Over Flowers. She reveals some of her best mom tips in an episode of the Korean Variety show I Live Alone, where she made a guest appearance in Seungri's segment. 


Former leader of K-pop girl group After School, Kahi is famous for her top-notch dancing and killer body. This 38-year-old singer and dancer is now pursuing a solo career while dabbling in acting. With an amazing body and ageless face, it's hard to believe that she is in fact a mother of two beautiful sons, Yang No-Ah and Yang Si-On.