First Autopsy Results Reveal More Details On Han Ji-Seong's Fatal Accident

The actress and former K-pop girl group member died on 6 May

By Pakkee Tan 17 May, 2019 6:00 AMTags

UPDATE: Reports from the first autopsy has been revealed. It seems like South Korean actress, Han Ji-Seong was driving under the influence on that fateful night that resulted in her passing. 

South Korean news outlet CBS Nocut News reported that results from the first autopsy showed that Han was driving with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of approximately 0.1 percent. In general, if the individual's BAC reading is 0.08 percent and higher, it is illegal for the person to drive as their mobility and sense of judgement will be impaired in that state. 

For Han, driving with a BAC of 0.1 percent is enough to have her driver's license revoked in South Korea. 

On 6 May, Han allegedly stopped the vehicle in the middle of the three-lane Incheon International Airport Expressway because her husband urgently needed to use a restroom. When police interrogated her husband, he reportedly stated that he had been drinking. However, he was not aware of his wife having any drinks. 

When asked why Han chose to stop the car in the middle of an expressway, her husband allegedly stated that he did not know why his wife did that. 

Meanwhile, both the taxi driver and SUV driver have been booked by the police for involuntary manslaughter. As of writing this article, investigations are still underway as we are still waiting for the results from the final autopsy. 

Stay tuned for more updates as they come. 

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Original, 9 May: Korean actress Han Ji-seong has died in a car accident.

The 28-year-old was reportedly involved in an accident on the morning of 6 May, on the Incheon International Airport Expressway.

According to news reports, Han's husband asked the actress to pull over so that he could take a toilet break in the woods nearby. However, camera footage at the time shows the actress' car pulled over in the second lane of a three-lane expressway, rather than on the road shoulder. The actress then allegedly got out of the car and she then walked to the back of the vehicle. 

The actress was then hit by a taxi, whose driver claimed that he wanted to avoid Han's husband and swerved and hit Han instead. She then fell into the first lane, where she was hit by another diver in an SUV.

After police investigation, the black box footage showed that the actress' husband did move towards the woods, and that Han got out of the car about 10 seconds after and moved to the vehicle's trunk. But contradicting dash cam footage from neighbouring vehicles obtained by South Korean news channel YTN seemed to show that the accident occurred 10 seconds from the time he got to the guard rail.

The actresses' husband maintains he did not know about the tragic accident until after he got back from the woods.

According to Korean news site soompi, a source close to late actress released the following statement, "Actress Han Ji-seong has left our side after an unfortunate accident. She was a great actress full of passion for acting. She was an actress with a bright future, and it is unfortunate that she passed away so suddenly. Her family set up her mortuary with their hearts filled with deep sadness."

Police investigations are still currently underway.

Our thoughts go out to the actress' family.