This Instagram Artist Turned Met Gala Looks Into Superheroes

We're obsessed with Bosslogic

By Hanan Haddad 09 May, 2019 5:59 AMTags

Though the epic night is over, everyone is still reeling from the incredible looks that were served at the 2019 Met Gala. With the theme being "Camp: Notes on Fashion", celebrities took this opportunity to go big and do THE MOST. 

Famous graphic designer and artist, Kode (better known as @bosslogic) decided to put his own spin on the Met Gala looks, namely to turn them into superheroes and other iconic pop culture references. He did this last year and received an overwhelmingly positive response. 

Best known for his incredible poster edits and graphic design artwork of superheroes, movies and video games, Kode has amassed over one million followers on Instagram. His edits of stars and characters in the Marvel Universe are particularly popular. However, even if you are not a fan of superhero films, one cannot deny how visually captivating his images are. 

From Zendaya to Emily Ratajkowski, scroll through to see his jaw-dropping edits and see your favourite stars transform into the coolest characters: 

The Campiest Asian Stars at the 2019 Met Gala
Ciara as Mysterio

Move aside, Jake Gyllenhaal! Ciara is here to one, two step her way into that iconic superhero role. 

Gigi Hadid as The High Priestess

Ayesha from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 slayed the red carpet, naturally. She is the high priestess of the golden-skinned Sovereign race after all.

Zendaya as Cinderella

This could very well be an official Disney poster for Cinderella for all we care. Zendaya would make the perfect "Ella". 

Emily Ratajkowski as Thor

Thor, but make it sexy! Did anyone call for the Thunder Goddess to show up at this year's Met Gala? 

Nick Jonas as Little Finger

We had to do a double-take to make sure that Nick was not really in this Game of Thrones scene because he fits right in. 

Thanos wearing Versace

The man, the myth, Thanos himself made his red carpet debut apparently. In style too! He opted for Versace that night.