Xiumin is the First EXO Member to Enlist in the Military

He shows off his new buzz cut ahead of his enlistment

By Hanan Haddad 08 May, 2019 5:46 AMTags

We know it's hard to believe but baby-face Xiumin is the eldest member of K-pop boy band, EXO. As the eldest, he will be the first in the group to enter mandatory military enlistment, much to the dismay of fans. 

The 29-year-old singer showed off his new buzz cut ahead of his enlistment on 7 May this year. After seeing Xiumin rocking so hair styles and hair colours, it's no surprise that this dashing K-pop star would rock a buzz cut easily. 

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Xiumin's fellow EXO members have been giving him words of encouragement in lieu of his enlistment. Baekhyun commented, "Awesome, madhyung [Korean for 'oldest brother']! Keep healthy!on Xiumin's Instagram post. 

Chanyeol also uploaded a group photo on his Instagram with the heartfelt caption, "While you protect the country, we will protect EXO and EXO-L. I will visit you together with Jong In (Kai)."

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Xiumin will be completing his basic military training at the recruit training center in Yanggu County of Gangwon Province. Before entering the location, he managed to post some extra photos for EXO-Ls, saying "Here are some more [photos]. Goodbye for now."

We wish Xiumin all the best!