5 Instagram-Worthy Poses To Learn from Your Favourite Korean Celebrities

You’ll definitely get more likes

By Debby Kwong 06 May, 2019 6:57 AMTags

In the age of social media, it's not just about having a pretty picture. You need to have the right aesthetic, angle and pose to get people's attention. So why not learn a trick or two from your favourite Korean celebrities who have managed to pull off that candid "I didn't pose for this photo" vibe.

The Korean Celeb's Guide to Taking a Great Selfie

Lisa plays the goofball with this fun and cheeky pose that she even captioned with a cheeky emoji.


Take the selfie to another level by shooting it in the mirror with the flash on -  a constant technique seen on Hyomin's feed.

Jun Hyo-Seong

If you've got new shoes that you want to show off, try this sitting on the stairs pose like Jun Hyo-Seong. It makes your legs look longer too!

Lee Sung-Kyung

"Just casually reapplying my lipstick" is Lee Sung-kyung's effortlessly cool pose that she posted in a sequence so it looks like she's blowing a kiss.

Oh Yeon-Seo

Perfect for those posts when you caption something about needing coffee or a cocktail, this pose also draws attention to your pout, so be sure to have good lipstick on.