Watch: BTS' New Dance Practice Video For 'Dionysus' is Mesmerising

The epic dance routine was choreographed by an 18-year-old female dancer

By Hanan Haddad 06 May, 2019 3:32 AMTags
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The hottest K-pop boy band at the moment, BTS just released a brand new dance practice video for their hip-hop record, 'Dionysus' and it is epic.

As K-pop songs are often coupled with choreography, groups often show their dance practice videos where the members focus on the dance moves of the song. Often times, these videos are shot in a dance studio, giving fans a cool behind-the-scenes look at what artists have to do before major performances. 

The Bangtan Boys took it to the next level by showcasing the rehearsal of their comeback performance on local music shows, in which they perform 'Boy With Luv' and 'Dionysus' from their Map of the Soul: Persona album. The song features intricate dance moves that involve many props, as well as their large dance crew. 

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This is reportedly the same crew who danced with the BTS boys for their hit song 'Not Today'. The aforementioned song was also well-received due to the impressive formations and choreography that went with the beat perfectly. 

Despite it being a rehearsal, BTS gave their all on stage, nailing each move with swag and vigour. 

Watch the incredible performance below: 

What's amazing is that the choreographer of this intricate, prop-heavy dance routine are 18-year-old Sienna Lalau and Andrew Elam from The Lab Creatives Arts Studio. Sienna is well-known in the Youtube dance community as one of the rising talents of dance. Her powerful popping and effortless swag is injected into every single one of her dance routines. 

The two were approached by Big Hit Entertainment to choreograph the band's comeback stage and these young talents did not disappoint!