Mindy Kaling Reveals B.J. Novak Is Her Daughter's Godfather

The actress, who gave birth to her first child in 2017, has remained close friends with her fellow Office alum since they broke up years ago.
By Corinne Heller 04 May, 2019 5:45 PMTags
Mindy Kaling, Katherine Kaling, BJ NovakInstagram; Getty Images

Mindy Kaling's ex-boyfriend, fellow Office alum and BFF B.J. Novak plays a very special part in her family's life; he is the godfather to her daughter, Katherine.

The 39-year-old actress revealed the news in an interview with Good Housekeeping, published on Friday.

"The truth is that B.J. is so much more like family now than a platonic friend," Kaling said. "He's the godfather to my daughter, he comes over like once a week. Sometimes he'll come over just to hang out with her."

Kaling gave birth to Katherine, her first child, in December 2017. The actress has never revealed the identity of her daughter's father.

Mindy Kaling and B.J. Novak Through the Years

Kaling and Novak, also 39, dated on and off while filming the show The Office, in which they played on-again, off-again couple Kelly Kapoor and Ryan Howard. The actors have remained close over the years and also continued to work together after The Office ended its nine-season run in 2013. Novak played a recurring character on The Mindy Project for three years.