BTS' RM Makes The Case for Going Dark With His Latest Beauty Look

The leader of BTS just went from white blonde to black and we're loving it

By Pakkee Tan 30 Apr, 2019 9:18 AMTags
RM, BTS, The Fact Music Awards 2019Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

BTS may be known for their fashion-forward ensembles and catchy songs, but they're also bona fide beauty influencers. From launching makeup trends to sparking hair colour changes, they've done it all.

But RM's latest beauty makeover has got fans swooning — not least because of its natural look.

Recently, the leader of K-pop phenomenon BTS appeared on the SBS Inkigayo Super Concert with... his hair in its natural black shade!

After sporting his white blonde colour for a good few months (you can see it in their record-breaking 'Boy With Luv' music video), the rapper has decided to go back to an inky black colour, as well as a fresh new haircut. The darker shade highlights his fair skin and porcelain complexion, and makes his eyes pop.

RM's fellow group mate, V, also switched up his look in the last few weeks, going from bright blue to raven in a blink.

As BTS' members reject the brighter hues of the past for more natural looking shades, will you be switching your hair colour up this season too?