Watch: NU'EST Makes Full Group Return With 'Bet Bet' Music Video

The boy band makes a comeback in full boss mode with their latest MV

By Pakkee Tan 30 Apr, 2019 4:18 AMTags
NU'EST, Bet BetYouTube

JRAronBaekho, Minhyun, and Ren are back together and their new music video is everything you've been waiting for!

After a year of promoting as a four member group while Minhyun joined Wanna One, the boys have made their return to K-pop as a group and they're stronger than ever. It's been three years since they have released a new album, and their latest mini album, Happily Ever After, completes their "Three-part Knight Series" — the other two earlier parts being their fourth album, Q is., and their fifth album, CANVAS.

So what's new? With 'Bet Bet', the boy band looks to show off their musical prowess as a group. It's described as a slow-tempo, future bass R&B genre track with lyrics that speak about making a bet on love and not missing your chance. Visually, the music video is peppered with lush, regal imagery: From the luxurious throne room where the five members dance before a seated queen, to the styling of the members, who take their cues from the black and gold tones of the throne room.

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Another tidbit that fans of NU'EST will not be able to resist: An almost-minute-long clip at the end of the music video where Minhyun joins his four group mates in a dreamy fantasy, signalling his return to the group. If you needed even more proof, the video ends on a note — the phrase "And they lived happily ever after..." is seen — that references their album title and their joy at being at full strength again. Isn't that sweet?

Watch the music video below.