Korean Actor Ji Chang-Wook Discharged From The Military

Crowds of fans and reporters came to greet him

By Hanan Haddad 29 Apr, 2019 4:05 AMTags
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Another Korean actor has been discharged from mandatory military service and it's none other than the handsome, Ji Chang-Wook!

The 31-year-old actor is most known for his leading roles in Korean dramas such as Suspicious Partner and Healer. Since his debut, Ji has been beloved by fans both locally and internationally, making him an integral part of the Hallyu wave. 

On 27 April, Ji was officially discharged after successfully completing his military service at the Cheorwon Artillery Brigade in Gangwon Province. The actor was greeted by a huge crowd of fans and reporters, eager to catch a glimpse of him after two long years out of the spotlight. 

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Ji greeted the crowd in his military uniform and graciously accepted some questions from the media that day he was discharged. When asked about how he felt about finally completing his military service, the actor replied, "It still hasn't hit me, so I don't quite feel like I've been discharged yet. I think it may finally sink in tomorrow or so."

Ji also talked about how grateful he was to be able to work with his co-stars on the military musical production, Shinheung Military Academy

"Through our musical, I ended up performing with Kang Ha-Neul for the first time in almost 10 years," he explained. "I also became close with [INFINITE's] Sunggyu while performing in the musical, as well as with [SHINee's] Onew, actor Kim Min-Ho, and musical actor Go Eun-Sung. They were all a huge help to me. To be honest, it was because of those friends that I was able to spend my military life meaningfully and comfortably. I was really grateful to all of them."

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Ji also said some kind words of gratitude towards his fans who had gathered to see him at the military base. "I feel nervous greeting you for the first time in in a long while. I've finally been discharged, and I will greet you again with good things and even better projects in the future. Please look forward to it a lot. Thank you," he said. 

Ji is reportedly ready to jump straight back to work after his military stint. He has received several casting offerings for his first project after being discharged. He is currently considering a space themed drama called City of Stars and romantic comedy titled Please Melt Me

We're excited to see Ji Chang-Wook back on our TV screens again!