Kang Daniel & LM Entertainment Head to Court; Present Different Stories

The former-Wanna One member is taking his talent agency to court over their alleged violations of his contract

By Pakkee Tan 25 Apr, 2019 7:46 AMTags
Kang Daniel, MAMA 2018Han Myung-Gu/WireImage

K-pop star Kang Daniel and his talent agency LM Entertainment have started legal proceedings over the agency's alleged violations of Kang's exclusive contract.

Earlier, we reported on the latest updates of the case, with Kang insisting that LM Entertainment had allegedly breached his contract by selling certain exclusive rights of the pop star to a third party company for profit. The third party company in question has been revealed to be MMO Entertainment. LM Entertainment has denied all claims.

Yesterday, both sides presented their arguments in court, and Kang's attorney reiterated the pop star's request to terminate his exclusive contract with LM Entertainment, citing "broken trust" as the main reason.

Kang's attorney restated their previous stand, that LM Entertainment gave "music contents production and distribution, concert and foreign business deals, celebrity schedules and more, were all given to a third party" and that Kang "was not told about the contractual details and decisions, and so he never consented to it."

What's Going On Between Kang Daniel and His Agency?

The attorney also alleged that LM Entertainment received payment that was ten times more than what the former Wanna One member received as down payment when he signed his contract with LM Entertainment.

Conversely, LM Entertainment refuted these claims and contended that they never sold Kang Daniel's contractual rights to anyone. They claimed that the deal with MMO Entertainment was simply an "investment deal... in order to support Kang Daniel's promotions" and that the pop star was kept in the loop about the deal. They also stated that they would produce legal documents to back up the validity of their case.

The court case is currently underway and a verdict has yet to be reached.