Get to Know the New Host of Style Me Now, Nicole Andersson

From her personal style to coping with negativity on social media, find out more about the brand new host of "life-over" show, "Style Me Now"

By Pakkee Tan 25 Apr, 2019 3:37 AMTags
Nicole Andersson, Style Me Now 2019

If you don't know the name Nicole Andersson (@nicole_andersson) yet, you're about to get to know it very soon. The 30-year-old Filipina social media star has got the beauty and brains to boot — besides being a former actress, Andersson also graduated from University of San Francisco with a degree in International Business and Marketing. So it was no surprise that when the time came to tap a new host for the brand new "life-over" show Style Me Now, the multi-hyphenate was at the top of the list! After a whirlwind trip to Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and the Philippines in the past month to help women improve their lives, we're pleased to announce that the show  — and Andersson — is finally making its debut on television this May!

But ahead of the show premiere, we talk to newly minted host Andersson to find out more about her personal style, fashion icons, and more.

What is a stylish woman/man to you?

A stylish woman is one who is very aware of who she is and confidently expresses herself through her clothes.

How would you describe your personal style?

I would say laid back, fun and feminine! I will usually throw something easy on like a T-shirt and jeans or a dress, then accessorise for the occasion. I usually go for a good pair of earrings and some bracelets.

What is the one fashion item in your closet that you cannot live without?

A well-fitting black dress.

If you could get a bespoke outfit from any designer in the world, who would it be and why? 

A bespoke Zimmerman outfit would be amazing! I love how flirty and feminine his pieces are.

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You started your career as a young actress, did that influence your love for fashion and style in any way? 

I don't think that it did, but I really have always loved dressing up in my mum's wardrobe ever since I was a little girl. I would play dress up all by myself and my mum would catch me in her heels! haha! 

Who is your fashion icon?

Olivia Palermo, because she effortlessly styles all her clothes with a feminine touch and always looks so sophisticated.

Who are the fashionistas on social media that inspire you on the daily?

Rocky Barnes and Shea Marie — they're both very feminine and always have the cutest looks!

What is the best fashion advice you've ever received? 

Don't take it too seriously. Dressing up should always be fun!

Being a jet-setter, do you have a strategy when it comes to packing outfits for your trips? Do you plan your looks? 

Yes! I always try to plan some looks but then I bring some basics to mix and match as I go. It helps to do as much research as you can, so you know what the weather will be like, and if the streets are pedestrian-friendly. 

As a lifestyle and fashion blogger, social media has become part of your career. Do you approach social media differently now that you've made that transition from acting? 

Social media didn't really start for me until after college, so I was just a regular post-grad who loved dressing up. I was travelling a lot, so I wanted a space I could keep as a visual diary, but after working corporate, that's when I saw an opportunity to make this a career.

How do you cope with negativity in social media and what is your advice to anyone experiencing that currently? 

You really can't please everyone so just let the haters hate and live your best life. The people who know and love you are the ones that truly matter so who cares what a stranger thinks?

Style Me Now premieres on DIVA on 20 May at 8.25pm SG/MY | 7.25pm THAI/JKT