JYJ's Park Yoochun Reportedly Detained After Testing Positive For Drugs

Police have submitted their request for the arrest of the singer

By Hanan Haddad 24 Apr, 2019 6:13 AMTags
Park Yoochun, JYJHan Myung-Gu/WireImage

On 23 April, local South Korean news outlets reported that the Southern Gyeonggi Police Office's drug investigation team had submitted their request for the detainment and arrest of 33-year-old singer and actor, Park Yoochun on charges of purchasing and using the illegal drug methamphetamine with his ex-fiancée, Hwang Hana. Park was a former member of top K-pop boy band, TVXQ and is currently acting and a member of K-pop trio, JYJ. 

Park is currently under police investigations for the alleged use of drugs after Hwang, who is now arrested for drug charges, testified that she had done drugs with him. Park, on the other hand, vehemently denies ever taking or purchasing drugs and cooperated with the police during their investigation into the JYJ member. 

In the midst of the investigation, accusations have been thrown towards Park as the police reportedly found video evidence of him purchasing drugs with Hwang. According to South Korean news outlet, MBC's Newsdesk, the footage was recovered from a CCTV camera near the location where drugs were allegedly picked up by Park. 

JYJ's Park Yoochun Faced With Alleged Drug Charges

Park made a statement in response to the footage claiming that he had picked up these illegals packages for Hwang as a favour for her. He firmly denied taking the drugs that were allegedly picked up and his initial urine drug test came out negative.

Accusations from the media kept coming as it was reported that Park had waxed and bleached his entire body before the drug test. It was implied by the media that the singer had waxed his body in order to remove potential evidence and tamper with the drug test results. 

The police have yet to make a statement until today, in which Park has reputedly tested positive for drugs and is currently detained by the police for further interrogation. 

The Gyeonggi Southern Police Agency reportedly found a strand of leg hair while searching Park's apartment as part of the official investigation. The sample was then sent to the National Forensic Service for testing and it was allegedly confirmed that traces of Philopon, a Japanese brand of methamphetamine were found in the hair sample. 

Deputy Director of International Cooperation Center at the Korean Institute of Criminology, Dr. Jea Hyen Soung confirmed, "A leg hair sample can test as accurately as any other hair sample that Park Yoochun removed or altered prior to the test."

Chung Sung-Jun/Getty Images

Since news broke out about Park testing positive for drugs, his label C-JeS Entertainment released an official statement stating that the company has decided to terminate Park's exclusive contract. Their statement read: 

"Hello, this is C-Jes Entertainment. We have been following the investigation with trust in Park Yoochun's claims that he was innocent, but yesterday, we learned through news reports that the National Forensic Service results showed positivity.

Despite waiting for good results in the investigation with trust in our artist, we were faced with such news reports, and feel miserable. After concluding that we cannot reestablish a trustful relationship with Park Yoochun, we have decided to cancel our exclusive contract with the artist.

As previously stated, Yoochun will retire from the entertainment industry, cancelling all future schedules from today forward in order to submit to the court's official decision.

We are aware of the severity of this situation and feel great responsibility; we will make sure that such disconcerting events do not happen again through strict regulations and changes in policy.

Once again, we bow our heads in apology for causing concerns."

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Park is currently detained for further investigation and interrogations to take place on 26 April. 

Stay tuned for more updates on this.