Jackson Wang Learns How to Make Dumplings in the Cutest Way

Who knew the K-pop star of Chinese descent would be such a pro at making dumplings?

By Pakkee Tan 24 Apr, 2019 6:00 AMTags
Jackson Wang, Spotify 'Best New Artist 2019' EventFrazer Harrison/Getty Images for Spotify

GOT7's Jackson Wang in known for many things: His good looks, his rapping skills, his songwriting, and now... dumpling-making?

Over this year's Chinese New Year, the K-pop star headed to the kitchen to learn how to make a traditional New Year dish with Hannah and Marian Cheng of Mimi Cheng's in New York City on YouTube channel, First We Feast.

The "Fendiman" singer wanted to prepare a traditional meal for his friends and family, so he turned to the two "dumpling masters", as the YouTube channel describes them to give him the help he needed.

"Actually, I've never tried making dumplings," Wang admitted at the start of the video. "It's always like, my mum doing it!"

Well, fear not — the Cheng sisters took Wang under their wing and taught him the ins and outs of dumpling making, from how to properly wrap a dumpling, the difference between a wonton and xiao long bao, and how to cook dumplings best.

Throughout the process, Wang was amazed at just how easy it was to make dumplings. When told it would just take about 6-7 minutes to cook the delicious morsels, he exclaimed, "I can do that!"

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But would his dumpling-making skills pass with flying colours from an expert: His friend's dumpling-loving grandmother?

It definitely looked like his skills were up to standard, because grandma gave him a whopping 10 out of 10 for her satisfaction score! 

"It's enough for 10 points," she explained. "Why? Because it's super tender. It's both juicy and tender."

Another skill to add to Jackson Wang's list of talents.

Watch the full video below.