5 K-Pop Comebacks to Look Forward to This April

From Chanyeol's hotly anticipated solo track to boy band NU'EST's return as a full group

By Pakkee Tan 18 Apr, 2019 4:36 AMTags
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Comeback season continues this month and the K-pop scene is heating up!

Hot on the heels of BTS' planet-shaking release of Map of the Soul: Persona, and BLACKPINK's KILL THIS LOVE, several other K-pop stars are also gearing up for their solo releases and comebacks this month. Think: TWICE's long awaited return with their album Fancy You, NU'EST's equally anticipated comeback as a full group and several solo tracks from bold-faced K-pop stars.

Scroll down to see all the comebacks you should look forward to this month.

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19 April: I.M to Drop Mixtape, "Horizon"

As reported earlier, MONSTA X's I.M is gearing up for the launch of his first-ever mixtape, Horizon. Collaborating with American artist and producer ELHAE, the mixtape is set to be a sure fire hit with Monbebes.

22 April: TWICE Makes Comeback With "Fancy You"

After releasing their teaser images and album preview, TWICE is all ready for their comeback next week! Word on the street is that the girl group will be timing the drop of their mini album with the title track "Fancy", so keep your eyes (and ears) peeled.

25 April: EXO's Chanyeol Releases First Solo Track, "SSFW"

EXO-Ls, are you ready for Chanyeol's first-ever solo track? The EXO member is set to drop his new single, "SSFW", on SM STATION on 25 April. In a video on SM STATION's Instagram, the singer said in Korean, "It's my first time releasing a solo since my debut, and it feels very new. I'm really nervous and also very curious to see people's reactions. I'm feeling a lot of different things at once. Everyone, please look forward to it a lot."

29 April: NU'EST Returns as a Full Group

Your heard that right: K-pop boy band NU'EST is finally making their return as a full, five-member group at the end of the month. Their teasers hint at a gloriously romantic album coming up — and its name, Happily Ever After, sure adds to that!

29 April: The Boyz Spring Up With "Bloom Bloom"

Keeping in theme with the season, K-pop boy band The Boyz are set to drop their new album Bloom Bloom. With tracks titles like "Bloom Bloom", "Butterfly" and "Clover", it's not hard to see where their inspiration has sprung from!