BTS Talks Map Of The Soul: Persona, Future Collaborations and More!

The Bangtan Boys share their thoughts of future collaborations at Apple Music Beats 1 Radio

By Hanan Haddad 17 Apr, 2019 5:15 AMTags
BTS, Bangtan BoysCourtesy of Apple

BTS, arguably the biggest boy band in K-pop right now, are riding the high of the incredibly successful of their latest album release, Map of the Soul: Persona and first ever Saturday Night Live performance. 

With their single "Boy With Luv" breaking music and video records left and right, this current album proves to be their biggest hit to date as it is well-received both internationally and locally in South Korea. 

The Bangtan Boys sat with Brooke Reese on Apple Music's Beats 1 to talk all about their latest career highs as well as some possible future collaborations that will blow the minds of ARMYs everywhere. 

Read the full interview below: 

BTS Smashed Records With Their "Boy With Luv" Music Video

Brooke: So Map Of The Soul: Persona is available right now to stream on Apple Music. The second track is called "Boy With Luv" featuring Halsey, how did you guys link with Halsey for this song?

RM: We met two years ago, backstage at the VMAs. She told us that she became a fan after watching our music videos. We knew Halsey from "Closer" of course, it was big song that year. We met backstage and then she came to Korea and we met again. We talked about how we should collaborate, that we should work on something. We got this track for our new album and we thought that Halsey would be the best voice for this track. So, it happened and boom! Here we are! 

B: You know you guys have worked with Nicki Minaj so far, you've got Steve Aoki, and now you've worked with Halsey. It seems like every time I interview an artist and I ask, "Who do you want to collaborate with?", BTS is the name that comes out of their mouth. It feels like if you guys want to work with anybody, you probably could!

RM: Oh, please! There are so many artists we want to work with.

B: Who is the dream for BTS to collaborate with that will kind of just blow your guys' minds?

RM: Drake, Billie Eilish… 

Jimin: Troye Sivan

B: That would be amazing! You guys have been really kicked off this K-pop movement that's been happening the last couple of years around the globe, which travelled to the US. Billie Eilish has created her own lane that people are emulating as well. I feel like that would be very interesting to see you two in the studio. 

RM: Yeah! It's going to be great if it happens.

Which BTS Song Best Describes Your Star Sign?

B: So, I was listening to the album and I love song number four, "Make It Right". The song resonated with me so much, I have to go talk to them about it this morning. And then I was scrolling through Instagram and I see that Ed Sheeran posted about the song and said that…

RM: He gave the track to us.

B: Yeah, he said that it's the first K-pop song he has ever written. Were you guys fans of Ed Sheeran? 

RM: I mean, who's not? He's one of the greatest songwriters in the world, in the music industry right now. We've always adored his music. I believe it was some months ago, he wrote on his Instagram Story, "Congratulations on the successful release and I like your new album." He uploaded that on his Instagram Story. When we found that out, we couldn't believe it. Then he contacted our label and said, "I want to give a track. I want to give you guys a present." And it [the song] was so great.

B: It has to feel really special too, right? Obviously you guys are one of the biggest artists in the world right now. But to also have another well-established artist writing songs and wanting to be a part of your story…

RM: Yeah, it's like a [Korean] drama.

B: Congrats on the album guys!  

The full special will be live on Beats 1 on Apple Music today at 2pm (local time), or you can catch the encore at 11pm tonight.