Then & Now: The Best K-Pop Glow Ups of All Time

We look to the past to check out all of the most amazing fashion glow-ups in K-pop

By Hanan Haddad 18 Apr, 2019 3:38 AMTags

When it comes to K-pop, fashion and style is just as integral as the music that the artists produce. It's the whole package right down to the hair styling and accessories. 

With so many K-pop idols debuting and making comebacks, fans will see their favourite stars transform right before their very eyes. Today, we're celebrating the most epic K-pop glow ups as rookies slowly turn into veterans over the years. 

From the J-pop influenced era of the early 2000s to the sexier, contemporary styling of the 2010s, we're looking back at the idol rookie days and how these stars have transformed and blossomed into the top stars that they are today. 

Check them all out below: 

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THEN: BTS (2013)

The Bangtan Boys debuted with a strong hip-hop style, both in terms of fashion and music. 

NOW: BTS (2018)

They bloomed into global superstars over the years, mixing their old hip-hop sound with electronic, pop melodies. The boys embrace colour and love mixing masculine and feminine styling elements when it comes to fashion. 

THEN: T-ara (2010)

The six member girl group debuted with hook-heavy, dance pop music and a colourful girly vibe. 

NOW: T-ara (2017)

As members grew up, they blossomed into beautiful women and preferred to dress in chic co-ordinated outfits. 

THEN: Girls' Generation (2007)

One of the biggest girl group in the 2000s, Girls' Generation had a very innocent, girl-next-door type of vibe that made the nation fall in love with them. 

NOW: Girls' Generation (2015)

The group matured together and explored sexier concepts while still staying true to their ultra-feminine roots. 

THEN: FT Island (2010)

FT Island was one of the most popular rock bands in the 2000s. They rocked emo hair styles with bangs that covered their eyes, which was extremely trendy at that time. 

NOW: FT Island (2014)

The group grew to prefer more understated performance looks and opted for more clean-cut looks, while still rocking out on stage. 

THEN: TVXQ (2003)

One of the biggest boy bands in the early 2000s from SM Entertainment, TVXQ (also known as Dong Bang Shin Ki) was the epitome of boy bands at the time. Heavily styled hair and colour-coordinated outfits were their go-to. 

NOW: TVXQ (2018)

Despite three members leaving the group, TVXQ is still looking dapper than ever. Embracing a more classically masculine image, they tend to wear suits in most performances now. 

THEN: MBLAQ (2009)

Who remembers these cuties from the late 2000s? MBLAQ debuted their song "Oh Yeah!" with a slightly Gothic approach to K-pop with lots of leather and black clothing. 

NOW: MBLAQ (2014)

The cuties have grown into dashing men who rock three-piece suits and ties. Gotta love a good glow up moment! 

THEN: Lee Hyo-Ri (1998)

Lee Hyo-Ri made her debut as the leader of the K-pop girl group Fin.K.L. which was very popular in its time. In good, old fashioned K-pop style, there were lots of matching outfits, seen often in the '90s. 

NOW: Lee Hyo-Ri (2013)

Can you believe that this lady is turning 40 this year? Lee Hyo-Ri has a successful solo career since her Fin.K.L. days, embracing sexier concepts in "U-Go-Girl" and edgier looks in "Black". Though her style constantly changes, her face remains as beautiful as ever. 

THEN: BoA (2010)

A K-pop icon, BoA made her debut at the tender age of 13 as a solo artist. Often dubbed the "Queen of K-pop", BoA is a chameleon in terms of style. From bubblegum pop to a gritty hip-hop looks, she has rocked it all.

NOW: BoA (2018)

At 32 years old, BoA recently made a comeback with her ninth studio album and she looks as amazing as ever. 

THEN: Monsta X (2015)

Even though the boys of Monsta X recently debuted just four years ago, They have certainly glowed up good! This is them, in their debut years, looking very young and boyish. 

NOW: Monsta X (2018)

Fast forward three years and the boys have certainly grown into men. With a penchant for black and leather, they are truly living up to their name, Monsta X. 

THEN: Rain (2002)

An OG Hallyu superstar, Rain (Jung Ji-Hoon) made his first solo debut under JYP Entertainment in 2002, looking fresh-faced and rocking longer locks, giving us major Bruce Lee vibes. 

NOW: Rain (2018)

Fast forward over a decade and Rain is still one of the top names in the K-pop industry, and has branched into acting and producing. These days, Rain tends to opt for classic pieces such as suits and turtlenecks. We love dapper Rain! 

THEN: 2PM (2008)

These boys get "10 out of 10" for their energetic debut in 2008. The seven member boy group under JYP Entertainment was all about that hip-hop styling but with a twist of sophistication. 

NOW: 2PM (2014)

Even though Jay Park left the group in 2010, 2PM continued to glow up and blow up. They fully showcase their boyish charms in performances and fearless approach to fashion, mixing and matching with confidence. 

THEN: IU (2008)

Soloist, IU made her debut at the tender age of 15 with her album Lost and Found. She usually wore lace dresses to play up her feminine charms and innocence. 

NOW: IU (2016)

As she turns 26 this year, IU has grown up right before our eyes. She blossomed into a stunning and extremely talented woman. Now she opts for chic outfits, but still loves playing with colour. 

THEN: SHINee (2008)

K-pop boy group, SHINee made their debut with the feel-good song "Replay" that was about having a crush on a older girl. They were, quite literally, boys, and the world couldn't help but fall in love with their innocence and charm. 

NOW: SHINee (2017)

Talk about a glow up! The boys have turned into extremely stylish men with a great eye for fashion and trends. Suits and shirts mixed with sporty accessories create a grown up, yet youthful look. 

THEN: EXO (2012)

The nine-member boy band EXO debuted in 2011 with a boy-next-door type of concept which was perfect for their age at that time. 

NOW: EXO (2018)

Seven years since their debut and the EXO boys have grown into fine men who are always dressed to impress. They swapped out their jersey jackets and snapbacks for crisp white shirts and immaculate blazers. 

THEN: Big Bang (2010)

B-B-Big BANG! The five member hip-hop, R&B boy band burst into the K-pop scene with a great deal of swag. We believe Taeyang, at one point, was rocking cornrows. Their style was deeply influenced by hip-hop culture at that time. 

NOW: Big Bang (2012)

The boys glowed up and their music blew up! One of the most prolific names in K-pop, Big Bang was not afraid to experiment with new styles when it came to fashion and new sounds when it came to music. 

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