Lisa, Rosé & Jisoo Lived Their Best Lives at Universal Studios Hollywood

The BLACKPINK girls had the best time out at Universal Studios Hollywood! here's what they got up to

By Pakkee Tan 16 Apr, 2019 6:05 AMTags

When you're in Hollywood, what do you do on a day off? Well, the answer was simple for BLACKPINK's Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo: Head to Universal Studios Hollywood, of course!

After their phenomenal performance at Coachella, the girls took a rare day off to have some fun in the sun at the theme park. As documented on their individual Instagrams, the trio immersed themselves in all the sights and sounds. From braving the Transformers ride, to robing up in full Hogwarts regalia (they were all in Gryffindor), and wandering around Hogsmeade with a Butterbeer in hand, the girls seemed to have a great day out to just let their hair down.

Although that did leave us wondering: Where was Jennie, and why wasn't she with them? We'd love to see which Hogwarts House she'd choose too!

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Scroll through our gallery below to see what Lisa, Rosé and Jisoo got up to:

Entering Universal Studios Hollywood with Jisoo
Rosé snapping a quick shot of the entrance
The wand chooses the wizard/witch, Lisa!
Heading into Hogsmeade
Lisa trying Butterbeer — and loving it!
Rosé poses with her Butterbeer in front of Hogwarts
Jisoo has her ice cream at the Hogwarts walls
On rollercoaster ride together!
Everyone knows the front seat is the best
Crazy antics at the by Lisa and Rosé at the Transformers ride
Look ma, no crowds!
Taking a break with the cutest backdrop ever
Rosé looking magical!